Provincial Quality Supervision released electricity supplier platform 12 product sampling results su

Nanfang Daily (reporter / correspondent Yue Zhixuan ou Zhikui) to Jingdong mall, shop No. 1,, Amazon and other electronic business platform of commodity quality? In January 25th, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau released a network for sales of clothing, 12 supervision room heater electric product, law enforcement officers on the 430 production 594 batches of products were tested, the results showed that 170 enterprises produced 211 batches of substandard products, substandard products found was 35.5%.

According to reports, the

sampling from the electricity supplier platform to buy a sample of a total of 474 enterprises produced a total of 646 batches of e-commerce products. Found 11 batches of products are claimed to be counterfeit products, 41 batches of false labeling corporate information, and another batch of 170 enterprises in the production of substandard products, substandard products found rate of.

among them, a total of 95 batches of clothing products produced by the company of the 150 batch of products, found that the 2 batch of products are claimed to be counterfeit products, the 22 batch of false label corporate information. 53 enterprises produced 80 batches of substandard products, substandard products found rate of about, involving pH value, color fastness to wet rubbing, fiber content, label identification and other projects 4. The 71 batch label identification project failed, 28 batches of fiber content of the project failed.

bedding a total sample of 48 enterprises produced 70 batches of products, found 1 batches of false labeling of enterprise information, the 19 production of 24 batches of substandard products, substandard products found was 34.8%, involving biodegradable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, pH value, fiber content, color fastness etc..

shoes a total of 59 batches of samples produced by the company’s 70 batches of products, and found that the batch of 6 false corporate information. 7 companies produced 7 batches of substandard products, substandard product discovery rate of 10.9%,

Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau official said that the spot checks highlight the supervision of third party sales of products. In addition to Tmall,, Jingdong, mall, shop No. 1, the Amazon four platform enterprise involving proprietary products and three party sales. The sample is from the Jingdong, mall, shop No. 1, Amazon four platform checks third party sales of 145 batches of products, sales of proprietary products 66 batches.

also highlights the source traceability. Through the enterprise business platform, contact the production enterprise to confirm the sample and test results, to explore the establishment of e-commerce product quality source tracing system for the implementation of "online discovery, origin, possessions investigate, integrity management" to lay the foundation for systematic work.

for the discovery of the problem, strengthen regulatory linkage. They will promptly feedback the results of the test to the electronic business platform enterprises, and urge the electronic business platform for enterprises to take measures to deal with substandard products, and establish and improve the quality of internal control system, efforts to strengthen the management of suppliers.

it is reported that, in view of the quality of the product in the random sampling >