The cross border electricity supplier in Shenyang public service platform as the first on line Kara

December 26, 2016, Shenyang cross-border electricity supplier public service platform was officially opened, Shenyang cross-border imports of direct purchase of goods the first single smooth customs clearance. The platform is running, not only consumers cross-border shopping more convenient, relevant business operating costs will be significantly reduced, providing more space for the benefit of consumers.

the opening ceremony the same day, Kara became the platform to achieve docking with the first payment institutions, and participated in the electricity supplier product project cooperation agreement signing ceremony.

first settled for the enterprise to provide the overall solution

reporter learned that, Shenyang cross-border electricity supplier public service platform brings together logistics warehousing, e-commerce, cross-border payment and other forms of business enterprise. As the payment institutions currently only a sign settled in the platform, Kara payment system based on the platform, plays a very important role to satisfy the business enterprise diversified and personalized demand payment.

The official opening of

platform, Lacarra will provide a total solution for the payment and settlement platform settled in the business enterprise, including e-commerce platform for cross-border transactions in foreign currency, the RMB cross-border payment and settlement solutions, and payment settlement for domestic transactions e-commerce platform solutions.

It is reported that

, Lacarra since 2015 with the first cross-border pilot city customs, public service platform to achieve docking, and in 2016 the completion of the docking with the General Administration of customs, can provide convenient and efficient cross-border payment and settlement services for cross-border business enterprise.

this, Kara responsible person in an interview said: "as the first issued by the State Administration of foreign exchange to carry out cross-border e-commerce payment in foreign exchange business pilot qualified enterprises, we have the confidence and ability to help the platform open up international logistics channels, to create an international business environment, and bring more convenience for the Shenyang region and the Northeast Asian consumer cross-border online shopping."

provides consumers with convenient channels for cross-border payments

In the

platform before the establishment of the Shenyang area consumers buy online overseas goods, usually in Guangzhou, Zhengzhou and other ports, through Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, arrived in Shenyang. After the formal operation of the platform, Shenyang consumers in the online purchase of imported products do not need to bypass Guangzhou and other places, you can choose the Shenyang port clearance, save time and money.

in addition, in the cross-border purchase process, consumers can lakala fast payment, payment in Renminbi directly online, Kara will be the first time to pay the order pushed to the customs and inspection system to help businesses complete paperless customs clearance. Will consumers pay payment to businesses designated foreign currency settlement to foreign merchant account.

is worth mentioning is that the opening ceremony on the same day, the Shenyang public service platform for cross-border electricity supplier is located in Yuhong District government by the Shenyang municipal government awarded the "Liaoning (Shenyang) cross-border electricity supplier industry demonstration base. The next 3 to 5>