E commerce marketing new model the era of big Taobao

first feel very fortunate to be invited to participate in the era of leading the new era of Taobao Taobao network marketing forum of the new model – Quan Zhou Railway Station". I think a lot of benefits, here, I would like to use my blog, to share with you the important content of the meeting, we want to help.

from new Taobao strategy, Taobao strategy will be better for the consumer service, Taobao will open up the strategy of "manufacturing wholesale – retail service, let all the network platform in the network marketing, payment, logistics and technical issues smoothly.

the main content of today’s meeting includes:

why do we want to do e-commerce


we must have heard of Ma’s words, five years you do not regret e-commerce". Why would Mr Ma say that, from the point of view of successful people, I think there must be something of his brilliance. According to Ai Rui reports, by 2010, China’s Internet users up to more than 5 billion, accounting for about 36% of the number of online shopping, compared with developed countries in the United States accounted for about of the number of online shopping, japan. South Korea accounted for about 60%, which is what the concept of China’s large population, as well as the development of such a large online shopping space, so we have to do e-commerce.

two, the current stage of e-commerce how to choose



Electronic commerce

at this stage is the choice of a mainstream model in a situation of tripartite confrontation? B2B or B2C or C2C? Or a combination of them? B2B is not only the establishment of an online business community, it also provides the basis for strategic cooperation between enterprises. Any enterprise, no matter how strong technical strength or good business strategy, it is impossible to achieve B2B alone. In the era of the past, the establishment of alliances between enterprises has become the trend of development. The advantages and disadvantages of B2C and C2C can refer to third points, this is not repeated introduction.

three, Taobao shop with independent shop distinction;

we all know that Taobao C store traffic than the independent shop, this is Taobao store advantage; similarly, relatively independent shop Taobao store backstage function is not complete, it is not easy to manage, what we need is the combination of the two, "Taobao" is the integration of their respective advantages, a new pattern of e-commerce integrated application.

four, what is the big Taobao strategy


many friends do not know what is the big Taobao, in fact, simply, that is B2B+B2C+C2C complex. Big Taobao is to do e-commerce service provider for all e-commerce participants to provide water, electricity, gas and other basic services. This is like some places before the first investment to achieve "three links and one level"