On the double eleven O2O battle mode

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eleven not to, in two before the eleven major electricity supplier has entered a phase of intense competition this year, Ali flagship O2O model, compared to previous years, no outstanding 50 percent off sales, other electricity providers to take advantage of this took the flag pole. Tencent announced in October 24th will be the electricity supplier, in October 20th, launched 5 days of "half off shipping" strength "1020 berserk Festival", but in the future every year in October 20th will be so. In addition, from the Jingdong’s "double season" to the fourteen anniversary of dangdang.com, where the whole 50 percent off discount to the Tencent "1020 berserk Festival", followed by the 1030 series of activities Suning "". Double eleven before the time has been full of promotional activities of the electricity supplier dangdang. These electricity providers invariably engage in promotions, is to want to advance overdraft ‘double eleven’ purchasing power. This year, Tmall chose the main O2O mode, but also other buddy hot pursuit, whether the development of mobile Internet has come to the stage of the outbreak, to what


take the lead in the attack, double eleven fried hot O2O mode

not long ago, Tmall held a press conference to announce the integration of covering more than 1 thousand cities and counties 3 line stores, through the Tmall wireless client and online open on the occasion, and the line retail giant to win business network intime group and Tmall announced O2O strategic cooperation, the two line of the two giants to co eleven, double strategy: business process reengineering, integration of online and offline goods, based on large data for consumers to create integrated shopping experience as the main body, relates to system integration, collaborative inventory, membership sharing, collaborative logistics. 2013 double eleven O2O fight, and after investigation into the logistics integration of Tmall cooperation with intime O2O mode has three aspects: 1, Tmall orders, intime line shop delivery; 2, the line experience, online orders, logistics home; 3, can buy the line on the line. Return.

and another buddy Suning Suning also announced that it will not resigned to playing second fiddle, in this year’s "double eleven" during the launch of the first 020 Shopping Festival, with its line of more than 1 thousand and 600 stores and suning.com as the main battlefield, and mass line Meikailong as the representative of the business in the open cooperation, synchronization the double eleven big promotion, and a series of innovative marketing and service activities for the future activities of drainage, multiple shopping discount which also point to spearhead Tmall double eleven.

in Tmall and Suning O2O model for Tmall, a combination of online and offline customer flow, no highlights 50 percent off preferential information this year, intended to snatch O2O mode of the guide, from the Tmall shopping spree by day and then become the main roles of O2O mode, but with the addition of a buddy play different.

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singles O2O pattern mainly through its online store business cooperation, the user can from online.