A second tier consumer saturated electricity providers compete to force the rural market

in a second tier cities, the consumer market is becoming saturated, the rural market is becoming the "blue ocean" of enterprise competition". The day before the executive meeting of the State Council held clear requirements, to increase efforts to support the development of e-commerce in rural areas. Many electricity supplier companies have launched channel sink strategy.

Following last year’s

electricity supplier collective countryside whitewashing, strategy of rural electricity supplier group Jingdong recently to speed up again. The day before, Jingdong announced, located in the rural people "marketing, distribution, installation and maintenance of" one-stop service "for Jingdong" service shop quickly, 152 cities and 432 counties has covered 28 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide, the average daily volume reached 3 home shop. "Jingdong help ‘service stores will be the main combination of goods, the main road logistics, publicity, moving the entrance of the sink, I hope the system to solve the problem of home appliances to the countryside’ last mile’." Jingdong help project leader Zhang Ming told reporters.

electricity providers compete to force the rural market, it is worth considering the huge consumption potential of the countryside urgent release. According to Ali Institute predicts that by 2016, the national rural online shopping market is expected to grow to 460 billion yuan, becoming a new growth point of the online shopping market. However, despite the huge potential of the rural market, but the electricity supplier to the countryside is not smooth road. By the logistics channels, such as restrictions on the density of orders, rural areas widespread commodity distribution slow, poor service, expensive and other issues, it is difficult for consumers to enjoy the same city shopping experience. In order to seize the rural market, open up the industrial countryside channel, Alibaba had announced the launch of the "ten thousand villages" 1000 county plan, Suning also said it would upgrade the original purchasing, new County Service Station, dropping three or four line market.

from the beginning of November last year, the Jingdong to help service stores began the layout of the domestic country, help in the home appliance sales area county traditional dealer net". Take the mode of operation of Jingdong in cooperation with local distributors, main bearing self appliances business Jingdong, relying on the dealer localization advantage, brand publicity and promotion, through the rural orders for customers and other forms, providing distribution, installation, maintenance, maintenance, replacement of a full set of home appliances one-stop service for rural consumer solutions, enhance the farmers’ shopping experience.

at the same time, the county’s traditional suppliers and service providers, "net", there is no need for investment in the rural market and layout, can direct docking Jingdong service network, in order to expand their business scale and business income, can achieve a win-win situation. According to the monitoring of Jingdong big data platform, ‘Jingdong to help’ service stores pull orders growth compared to more than 105% stores before the chain, which contributed more than 60% of the rural market." Zhang Ming said.

Jingdong logistics and Logistics Department official Zhu Zhengjing told reporters, for such service stores, Jingdong will also be opened every year about 1000 new stores to speed up, within 2 years to complete the goal of a county shop. In addition, the Jingdong for "service shops will gradually increase the mobile warehouse, O2O experience center, since some other functions, >