Taobao Tmall shot remediation praise back now

Qianjiang Evening News reporter, for praise back now that disrupt the market order, Taobao, the Tmall platform has started renovation. Yesterday, Taobao, a customer service officer said that if consumers encounter businesses promised to return now, but the situation is not honored, only by consumers and businesses to deal with their own consultations, the platform will not intervene.

reporter access to Tmall and shopping mall to see the relevant announcement in June this year, two, a platform of change to the mobile phone products "notice" and "risk governance rules against the commitment and Implementation Rules", the main contents are as follows:

1, the business of the mobile phone products such as "good news back now", "all 5 points back now", "back to the red envelope" and so on, will be temporary suspension of the goods or delete processing;

2, on the buyer requires businesses to fulfill the praise back now and other demands, the platform does not support.

Taobao said in the announcement, good back now is contrary to the objective reality of the evaluation of the principle of misleading the buyer’s shopping decisions. This kind of high praise amount of mobile phones under the current problem is particularly serious, so for mobile phone products back to the current behavior of the pilot management. This rule came into effect on June 16, 2015.