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Preface: just finished watching the friends of rice in the discussion between the friends of the inquiry quotation; in this I put my practice in this to share with you! For your reference, there is a better way. We can discuss!

my rice, roughly divided into two kinds: one is the terminal meters, one is the rice farmers.

              terminal meters: definition of terminal meters, predecessors have explained a lot, you can check the relevant post; here is the high price of the terminal meters, meters. (specific people how to define their own terminal meter price, everyone has their own different pricing standards, my definition is not less than 2000 yuan) whether it is terminal or terminal meters, meters friends asking the price is the price; often have friends want to buy with meters minon meters (the price of the terminal every day at least 2 ~ 3 meters claiming to be friends of the friends to ask price), I told him this meter not minon price, want to believe oneself m value. We are all friends, earn money to earn money on the terminal (if the other party is a clear friend, you can recommend the transaction with each other or exchange rice farming meters).

meters meters: individual of agricultural agricultural m meters is defined in meters between good friends flow meters, usually 3.Cn,, miscellaneous miscellaneous 4 digital.Cn 4 and other hard currency like this; the rice price is not very high, and has a steady rise in space, can be very good the flow meters between friends. My friends is the most traded and m m, at present I have many such meters or so love m with friends, you can find me a transaction or exchange! M m with money only agricultural circulation value only, on this altar "exclaimed net" do good, of course, the altar there are a lot of friends in this regard m also very good!


hope to be able to communicate with you more and more learning and finally share a word with the friends of rice: rice friends are a family, we are friends; earn money on the terminal to make money!!