Zhang Jianfei talking about the development trend of electricity supplier

e-commerce fiery, I believe all of us, Alibaba founder Jack Ma once said, either e-commerce, or no business can be". With the rapid development of e-commerce platform in all areas of Alibaba, Taobao, Jingdong, where customers, Dangdang, shop etc., confirmed Ma Yun said is true. Following Zhang Jianfei and we together to explore the future development trend of e-commerce:

from the first C2C (Consumer to Consumer) e-commerce platform, led by Taobao, a consumer to consumer platform, any one want to trade on the Internet businesses are free to set up shop on the platform, with the rise of Internet users increase, Wangzhuan industry, make money through the Internet is no longer a legend. In the case of Taobao, Taobao was founded in 2003, after the rapid development began in 2007, more and more users, businesses in the Taobao store shop or shopping, many businesses or individuals through Taobao this platform and make their own income, but with the increase of Internet users, shoppers are also expanding, how to obtain the trust of consumers of these problems is the urgent need to solve, so Taobao launched a secured transaction, cash on delivery, seven days unconditional return and a series of measures to protect the rights and interests of shoppers.

because many consumers want to set up shop in Taobao, so many manufacturers, companies have seen the market demand, will soon launch a delivery service, the seller does not bear any risk, only need to set up shop to promote the post intermediate line. Due to the continuous expansion of the market, many businesses in order to make a profit, there is a poor quality of goods to buy, when the time to get and get the same problem, so it should be the reason for the emergence of the B2C platform. The B2C platform is often the strength of the company created a company’s brand and goods to ensure payment security measures and free return, consumers can be assured of shopping on the internet. Although the formation of its own logistics platform, such as Jingdong mall company, but delivery efficiency is still slow, can not solve the timely demand, so it extends the O2O e-commerce platform trading.

but due to the impact of external factors, O2O development is not very fast. In order to solve this phenomenon, the Alibaba launched a two-dimensional code shopping service, that is to say after the consumers only need to use the equipment (mobile phone) scanning leaflets on the two-dimensional code can be purchased goods, according to the market situation, the perception of convenient two-dimensional code technology to the user, and the infinite potential brings to the enterprise marketing the platform is also becoming a hot social focus and industry application. This article by Zhang Jianfei (www.semanswer.net) original, reproduced please signature, respect for the original!!!