Today Ali shares a line under the super rumors will be landing it will be how the layout of the new

Alibaba group will be announced in February 20th its research for a long time, the new retail strategy, weakening the concept of pure electricity supplier, emphasizing the transformation of the retail industry.


new retail or once again pushed to the tuyere.

back in 2016, Sanjiang shopping with ALI and the new retail market in the two to create a single share price turned over more than 3 times the myth. Now, Xiansheng super carrier mode box horse species of these new retail gradually mature. That 2017 new retail exactly how to layout it?

1, 2016 cloud habitat conference, Ma first proposed new retail

talking about the origin of the new retail. October 2016, Yunxi conference held in Hangzhou, Ma Yun at the meeting put forward new development direction of the new retail, manufacturing, finance, new energy, new technologies, new "for the first new" new retail ", Ma Yun said:" pure electric era will be in the past, the future not only new retail e-commerce. The line and logistics integration".

later in November 11, 2016, the State Council promulgated the "on the promotion of retail innovation and transformation", aims to promote the retail entity to make up the short board, gain advantage, improve the core competitiveness; to promote cross-border integration, promote the integration of online and offline promotion, multi domain collaboration, promote trade integration, through the integration of collaborative construction of new retail price. The "opinions" and "the whole idea of new retail concept agree without prior without previous consultation.

+ double promotion policy in the capital, in November 18, 2016, Sanjiang shopping Alibaba Zetai announcement, the proposed transferee by agreement, set by the subscription of shares, the subscription of shares of the acquiring company corporate bond exchange, one of the second largest shareholder of the company (35% stake).

Sanjiang shopping as one of the large supermarket chains in Zhejiang Province, because of its dense entity store network and the depth of supply chain capacity by Ali fancy, as an important piece of the new retail territory, and therefore caused attention of the capital market, to create a single month price over 3 times more myths.

new retail exploration more than that, as early as March 2014, Ali shares intime business strategic investment, in January 2017 and intends to privatize the privatization of intime. At the same time, the Jingdong and the Tencent cooperation, Yonghui orchard every day, and daily and fresh are integration of online and offline elements, to subvert the traditional business operation mode.

at this point, the new retail from the concept stage to gradually landing. The box horse Xiansheng and super species as the representative of the full integration of online and offline consumer experience is very rich, the new retail carrier in the gradually mature.

2017 line big coffee will draw a picture of how the "new retail layout"



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