Single game website to genuine game channel entrance transformation

such as the one with the sin of the flowers, the domestic stand-alone game website localization, and rely on crack genuine alive, but with the strengthening of the supervision of copyright, the day was quite difficult. And like 3DM, Ranger net website, recently also intends to get rid of the "pirate base" shadow, seeking toward genuine or portal website development.

Chinese version of the fierce competition to grab

is limited to the domestic approval environment, many foreign well-known big game are not through formal channels available in the country, this gave the single game website to survive the profit space, they download by providing first free crack and the Chinese version of the game, gather popularity and flow, then the flow is realized by advertising.

"the Ranger network advertising revenue accounted for about 40% of the total turnover for the year, deputy general manager of Hangzhou Feng Xia Network Technology Co., Ltd. Gao Peng told reporters said, in addition to advertising, other income is from the sale of genuine single game, online games and surrounding transport.

although the audience is limited to the game player’s niche circle, this kind of website on flow live full of sound and colour. But limited to the cost, no way to do large-scale PPC and business promotion, which can grab the finished version of the game for the first time, they became the core of competition.

according to the person in charge of a well-known Chinese organization, a game of hundreds of thousands of text, to complete translation, after testing, at least 2~3 weeks. In order to seize the initiative, stand-alone game sites have invested heavily, organized the Chinese group full-time, but many are crudely made a professional translator, responsible for 500~1000, regardless of quality, one day can come out. After all, who got the first edition, who have more promotion."

this speed is not heavy, so that some Chinese amateur groups have been retired, "now circles pay attention to the speed and ignore the quality of private Chinese group has been unable to meet the competition."

want to become genuine channel entrance

In addition to the release of

crack version, there is a single game website circle default rules. After touching the genuine, you can not touch the cracked version." A game industry, bring in the cracked version of the pressure, many game manufacturers in order to protect its sales performance, have turned to win over the release of pirated source, single game website does not guarantee localization, crack the first released version, you can sell the agent game like we have genuine CD, began selling number a genuine game."

gradually, this default rules become an inherent model of the industry. The stand-alone game site in addition to crack genuine game, but also slowly moving toward the entrance of the role of the genuine game channel, want to go to the sun from the shadows.

genuine road is the trend of the times, especially in the case of the domestic independent single game market to rise again, and the user’s payment habits are slowly moving towards a healthy development trend." The industry >