Speeding browser for Chen Yiguang 5 million angel investment prospects are promising

the latest news, the domestic browser browser (www.chaosu.com) announced the bright younger generation over five million angel investment. Speeding browser official told the Admin5 webmaster network reporter, angel investors for the Hubei (youxi.com) boss, investors are optimistic about the speed of the entrepreneurial team and the prospects for the development of the browser. Speeding browser said the person in charge of investment, will further improve the development team, enhance the browser user experience, and develop more practical features of the personality, and strive to obtain more market share in the fierce competition in the domestic browser market.

is reported that the browser by the founder of the famous Internet founder Qiao Fei. Joe fly, after 80 young entrepreneurs, in 2001 when he began to read college website, had to rely on search to create a day 200 thousand IP myth. Beginning in early 2009, the development of speeding browser, there are already about 5000000 users in the use of speeding, leading the domestic browser market.


speeding browser founder Joe fly

speeding browser responsible person told the reporter that the 5 million angel investment will be divided into 3 times into the company account, the first arrival of funds will be mainly used for version development and market promotion, the new version is expected to recently published, the new version will pay more attention to the user experience, more comprehensive single user operation more simple and convenient, the company is confident to reach 10 million users within a year.

as the world’s web browser, is an essential tool for Internet users. Today, many brands of the browser, the competition is inevitable. As long as the current domestic market by foreign brands and domestic brands of browser browser two camps, division struggle, each formed a catch on the athletic field, feudal lords vying for the throne of the situation. IE is no longer a single large, international, in February of this year, Microsoft IE in the global browser market share fell to 61.2%, a record low. At the same time, although Firefox’s market share within three months continued to decline, but also holds the second position in the market still makes IE feel full of pressure. Google Chrome, opera, apple Safari several browsers are still maintained a certain market competitiveness.

according to the author understanding, at present domestic browser market in addition to several international well-known browser competition, with local advantages of domestic browser market is playing, much more than the international brand, captured the heart of the potential users. As of 360, Maxthon, window of the world due to their excellent market strategy and localization advantage, has surpassed Firefox, opera and other well-known browser, share almost equal amount of IE in the domestic market. Such as speeding and also by virtue of the bright younger generation, close to the common people, practical function and unique advantages quickly made a space for one person in the market.

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