Entrepreneurs talk about insider buying big site to join the end of the good time

in March 2010, a sudden emergence of a business model, a few million can be started, but also quick to make big money. Only two years later, this was the most popular business and investment business has continued to shut down state of extreme nervousness., layoffs, until recently quite well-known Groupon and Ganji have trouble. Consumers are suspicious: customer service phone call, the website is not closed? The boss did not answer the phone, is not run away? This consumption group purchase, but also worthy of trust? Have what group purchase what



" niannujiao huaigu group purchase;

tide, The mighty river flows eastward., many people did not wear underwear.

Guy Tucker, humanitarian, Wu Bo crashed at the handle.

F group of 24 coupons, great pat garlic, the wind tears.

back group purchase mode was married early, the knife in the hand.

Gao Peng in front, then play a thousand regiments.

this Mao Building cat winter, not he abandoned Gaopeng full bridge.

I don’t dry winter streaking, group purchase.

handle net CEO

assured group

Wo Wo Group chairman and CEO Xu Maodong

poly mesh products CEO Ge Binbin to the grand financing failed

former group purchase entrepreneur Liu Li recommended.

group · entrepreneurship

Two years as a dream

group purchase

100 thousand yuan to build a buy network

regret it?. I do not regret the early back out, did not see a little earlier I can not afford to play." Liu Li (a pseudonym) of the first venture, in fact, as early as in April 2011 disappeared in the endless battle of thousands of groups in the. Today, Liu Li is still in Zhongguancun as two years ago, do a programmer in a Internet Co, what people didn’t know he was the head of group purchase website in the new company, once a month to earn 100 thousand yuan. Liu Li was born in 1986, how did not expect to be recognized by almost all the perfect business model, and now how can not make money.

Liu Li did not accept the face-to-face interview with reporters, in the eyes of his 26 year old, it is not proud of what happened, there have been media reports about his case, when the reporter saw himself in the wave of the Internet most incisive description in frustration, he fears itself fragile nerves after hard to provoke entrepreneurship passion. Two group purchase tide, Liu Li felt like a dream.

in the Internet Co, it seems that each corner at that time are exploring a clear and low cost of the business model of group buying." Liu Li recalls, this is just like me, who graduated from the IT technology foundation, the temptation is too great. So, >