The bottleneck of car rental industry funds behind the pack melee financing is the main driving forc

Pan Wei; Zhao Na Shanghai, Beijing reported

"the United States has 200 million private cars, a total of about 3 million car rental companies". EHI founder Zhang Ruiping told reporters.

Chinese car ownership of more than 100 million to the end of 2011 data, private car ownership of more than 77 million vehicles. Roland Begg consulting company (hereinafter referred to as "Roland Begg") statistics, in 2011 China’s car rental market fleet size of 215 thousand units.

two-phase control, whether it can be a simple inference, China’s car rental industry is still a lot of space?

optimistic about the car rental industry investors, including car rental companies have already voted PE people, much to hold such a logic: "big American car rental companies, with a maximum of one million, a few hundreds of thousands of vehicles is still in the stage; Chinese million level. So the concentration of many times. The space between the two countries is almost the same. Currently car rental is a rapid development of the industry, we are willing to sacrifice the immediate interests of the market share."

but there are still a considerable number of PE investors do not think so. They cited a N car rental industry investment reason, it is the sum of Chinese, the rental market and the United States are not the same, so in the United States the successful business model in Chinese may not be so successful.

China, according to the characteristics of the market to a China, make Chinese characteristics of the company; and update the scale is smaller by car rental, car delivery, to the understanding of this industry is the local service industry, inter city cooperation is much smaller, they are more like this kind of restaurant, supermarket chain business: first Co. some city, by car is two to 4000 city car layout; rather than quickly spread throughout the country.

the car rental company has overall profit, but foreign company Avis has been the first to profit. It’s the trick is: 80% of customers for corporate customers, there are dedicated channels to stabilize the sales of second-hand cars eliminated.

these emerging car rental companies, the ultimate goal is pointing to the national car rental company. Such a melee situation, who will have the last laugh? Avis increase B2C market, will be difficult to maintain the profitability of China and a hi, whether success? Like their American colleagues, to take unified national car rental companies, the benefits of


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has been on the irony of micro-blog: National Research Report Standard conclusions: U.S. A per capita consumption of XX, while China’s per capita X, so China has ten times the growth of space. Don’t know on the other hand, U.S. investors will not be recognized, such as: Chinese married people buy rate is 80%, only 20% of the United States, so the demand for housing is still 4 times the growth space; Chinese per capita liquor consumption of XXX, the United States is only X, so the liquor demand is still a hundredfold growth space

? "

this sentence originally aimed at A shares listed company research report of a simple analogy;