Personal webmaster Alexa ranking of a little experience

      the station from the station since there are a few months, not much traffic, Alexa rose is satisfied, I say a little experience to everybody below: (

      1. Install the Alexa plug-in on your machine, download the address:

      after the installation, don’t forget to put their home into their own website, so every time you open the page the first page is own, real-time to see their Alexa rankings, each open a can also add a ALEXA traffic to your site.

      2. Problems encountered in the use of ALEXA, and now a lot of anti-virus software and anti malware malware when you install the Alexa plugin will prompt you to have a virus or malicious plug-ins.

      several commonly used solutions:

      (1) Kabasiji: the base period after you install Kaspersky, Alexa will prompt you to install a virus, so you quit Kabasiji, and then install Alexa, after installation start Kabasiji, then open the IE browser, it will prompt the virus allows it, then open Kabasiji, there is a "statistical" in the lower right corner, "detected" found on the inside Alexa virus, as long as related to ALEXA virus prompted (see the back of the path) is right click and select "add to the trust region", so in the future will only prompt several times, according to the above Douan the instructions on it, only to have prompted several times before, after all right.

      360 (2): Qihoo security guards installed this later when scanning malware will be careful, don’t put the Alexa on, cleaned up and reloading, but also pay attention to a problem is, in the 360 of the "advanced" there is a "plug-in immune" inside the "Alexa tools" we will not be elected, on Mount ALEXA is useless, if you have chosen to remove, and then install the ALEXA plugin.

      (3) and rising 2007 Kaka aides: these in the installation and use of ALEXA when prompted to choose "allow" on it. Not like Kabasiji so difficult. These are the problems I encountered, I believe that many of the new friends have encountered, we hope to help.

      3. Back to the flow problem. Like myself every day