Russia officially opened to the public in the Russian registered domain name website

11 days 12 when

Moscow time, Russian national domain coordination center officially opened to the public domain. Russian P Phi "(meaning Russian Federation) website registered.

today, any of a Russian citizen just to the registration center account into 600 rubles ($1 about 30 rubles) and the annual payment of 450 rubles, can have and maintain their Russian domain name website. If a registration number, but also enjoy a discount.

earlier, the Russian government agencies, the media and the enterprise legal person has been completed ahead of the Russian website domain name registration. In order to prevent malicious cybersquatting, the relevant trademark holder must provide the relevant documents issued by the Russian patent office, the registration center can accept.

at present, the Russian territory of a total of 18 registered domain name registration service center to receive Russian website. In the first year of the open registration, foreigners can not be registered, the registered domain name website in Russian one year shall not be transferred to others. According to director of the Russian national domain coordination center Kolesnikov, Russian websites registered before the end of the year is expected to reach 100 thousand.

to Russia’s most important "ru" (meaning Russia) the number of English domain names registered in September 25th reached 3 million. But the domain name registration company general manager C Lo Yuk pointed out that after 3 years ". P Phi ‘registered website will outnumber".Ru "registered website. He pointed out that in the Russian domain name registration website for ordinary Internet users and engage in various companies operating in the Russian market, the advantage is quite obvious, after all, the Russian people are more accustomed to using language to find the necessary site and to obtain all kinds of information.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers (ICANN) announced that the thirty-sixth Council held in Korea in October last year, the Internet can be used in Russian, Arabic and Korean Chinese, non Latin alphabet domain name registration, and accept the application from November 16th of that year.

The development of Russian President Medvedev

has always been a strong supporter of Russian domain. In his promotion, Russia from November last year began with the Russian government agencies and corporate domain name registration. In May 12th this year, the president of Russian Federation. "And" government. Russian Federation became the first Russian language websites. The next one or two years, Russia will launch the e-mail letters of pure russian.