College students linked to yellow net insurance was convicted

he is a poor college student, student loans through college.

he is the excellent students, had won a national network application design contest third, northeast division first.

but he is also the legal literacy of college students, blog links to pornographic websites let him face legal punishment.

blog link yellow web site

23 year old national (a pseudonym) home in Shandong, this year just graduated from a university in Shenyang, electronic information engineering graduates.

at the beginning of this year, Fushun police found a local Netcom server, there is a high click rate of the site, and the site is connected to the Yellow video and pictures.

along this clue, in March 11th of this year, the police found the country is studying in Shenyang.

national account, in May last year, he rented a server in Fushun Netcom, the establishment of a web site and blog, but the click rate has been very low. Later, he found that the Yellow site can improve the click through rate. In December 28th last year, he found a very good article, which is linked to a yellow comic site, he did not hesitate to link this article on his blog.

police investigation found that his site was linked pornographic video 44, pictures of 472.

"if you weren’t looking for me, I’d forgotten about the Yellow link. Yellow website also links the crime? No! "In the face of the police inquiry and answer," naive ".

The first

network northeast division contest

"in order to save money at home, I do tutor at night, big winter, at four or five in the morning to sell newspapers."

in front of investigators, the state cried.

According to the national

school, parents are farmers, studying on the two and a half acres and sell Deep-Fried Dough Sticks for him.

2004, the national college entrance examination and apply for student loans, the same year his mother was seriously ill in hospital, the family debt. For the next two years, his father had two more accidents.


, study hard, he won several college comprehensive and individual scholarship, was also the college awarded the "three good student" title.

in 2007, he won the national inspirational scholarship. The same year, he participated in the National College Students’ network application design contest, won the first division in Northeast china. In May 2008, the national who broke into the final won the third place in the national competition.

does not sue it

is preparing to participate in the national finals, the police found him, and in April 7th of this year, on suspicion of dissemination of pornographic materials, the national prosecution to Fushun City People’s procuratorate.

recently, the city people’s Procuratorate on the basis of relative non prosecution system, to the state and his school issued a non prosecution decision