A small program officially launched we interviewed the first beta of its people and the first batch


January 9th zero start, small program officially launched, not sleeping in the circle of friends, WeChat group has a time to rush about telling the news around spreading, open.

Zhang Xiaolong the first time made a circle of friends, only 6 pictures, the first picture shows the first generation of iPhone release time is January 9, 2007. Obviously, Zhang Xiaolong chose iPhone released 10 anniversary of the whole day formally launched a small program, one to pay tribute to the iPhone, and the two is to reflect his ambition to make a small program to become as great as iPhone.

previously said he chose this day just because a small program in January 9, 2016 officially approved, this kind of rhetoric may be modest.


also, someone for the first time Zhang Xiaolong micro letter sent congratulations, and let him into the mass of red, Zhang Xiaolong responded: "I am not in the red envelopes, I thank you for the generation of enthusiastic


small program first experience

in the middle of the night, I took one or two hours to quickly experience a few small programs, not fully feel as follows:

1 Zhang Xiaolong in the WeChat open class said, "there is no small program entrance" in WeChat, "you can imagine the future of the small program is more users to start it from where? We hope more small program starting from the sweep of the two-dimensional code", "at least in the early stage we will be more to encourage small program in the form of two-dimensional code in every place, as early as the public"……

now? A small program in the latest version of WeChat in the stately appeared in the "discovery" column, become a super entrance, this with Zhang Xiaolong had said, by scanning the two-dimensional code is found not in WeChat to provide entrance is very different, unless we understand the "entrance" with Zhang Xiaolong the entrance there is a huge deviation.


2 consistent with Zhang Xiaolong said, you can share a small program to WeChat friends or chat group, but can not share the circle of friends. Is a web page to share (see below), that is to share a page to others, others open directly into the page.


3 Zhang Xiaolong in the WeChat open class said: "the user can search to a small program, but we can limit its ability to search, to avoid its abuse, allows users to search by a small program he needs in WeChat."

I found in the search, a lot of small programs can not be found through the fuzzy search, you need to enter the full name of the right to be able to search, for example, I search light tan magazine, only enter the light Mans is not found.

but also >