SNS Wars Happy domain kanxin001 com fire pole

the world’s cohesion friends, SNS website to launch SNS dating extended, the mode of the website by the people welcome, in 2006-2009 years, the domestic SNS website domain name type diversity, blossom everywhere, the major domestic SNS website in the domain name, the product is expanding in the fierce competition.


happy network win

2008 happy net was founded this year and happy net development of the most flourishing period, the user population soared close to one hundred million, but the words of happy net domain name is not so real "happy", the kaixin001.comf domain name was registered in 2007, the domain name is regarded as a creative domain, but is very different from the website "happy" the website domain name is That happy net success makes others jealous, 1000 rubber company is happy to spend lots of money to buy Larry domain build SNS website, the two is fought for many years, "genuine happy net" case once made SNS the industry concerned, despite this, but happy net early in the crowd the influence of the beat many competitors, happy net market share dominance of the SNS field in the 2007-2009 period.

Renren overlapping domain name

During the

2006-2009 for nearly 4 years, the domestic SNS industry’s most happy to network hot period, despite the in the SNS industry occupy a certain market share, but the is not well-known, until 2009, was renamed the school network, domain extravaganza user perspective, value of the domain name to play fierce. All domain name was registered in 2000, the beginning of the birth of the competition website domain name Chen Yizhou, in 2005 to the hands of Chen Yizhou, has 11 years of history of domain name registration.

game I creative CN domain name

, happy net, Cyworld is applications from students mainly extended to the application of the popularization of the saiwowang CN domain name, Cyworld crowd hit to the students, in June 2005 on the line, for the prefix Cyworld, the user is very popular, the domain name has been registered. Although the site online time earlier, but its market share is not as good as the latecomers in the network, and now, in the SNS industry market also has a certain share, the site in February 2010, the merger of the fan network.

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