P2P industry regulation first mention ten principles the need for real name registration platform sh

P2P regulation

news September 28th, in the 2014 Internet financial innovation and Development Forum ", the CBRC innovation supervision department director Wang Yanxiu first proposed P2P industry regulation of the" Ten Principles ", including" investors and financiers to real name registration, P2P institution shall not provide guarantees for investors to own "principle, to further clarify the regulatory red line.

Wang Yanxiu proposed ten principles include:

P2P is a regulation to follow the P2P nature of the business, the nature of the so-called business project is to correspond to P2P, institutions can not hold their money, cannot establish a pool of funds, financial institutions China P2P not operating funds;

two is to implement the principle of real name system, investors and financiers have real name registration, capital flows to clear, to avoid money laundering;

three is to clear the P2P mechanism is not the credit intermediary, not trading platform, but the information intermediary, is for the two sides to microfinance institutions to provide information services, it should be clear to distinguish the boundaries of their business, and other statutory licensing of financial services;

four is the P2P should have a certain threshold of the industry, the institutions registered capital should have certain requirements, and for the executives of the professional background and working years, organizational structure should also have certain requirements, at the same time, risk control, IT equipment, fund custody and other aspects should also have certain qualification requirements;

five is the investor’s funds should be hosted by the third party, can not be replaced by the escrow deposit, as far as possible the introduction of a formal audit mechanism;

six is P2P institutions shall not provide guarantees to its investors, may not make a promise for the loan principal or income, do not bear the system risk and liquidity risk, shall not engage in loans and entrusted investment business, shall not be self self financing;

seven is the P2P institutions should follow the path of sustainable development, do not blindly pursue high interest rate financing projects;

eight is the P2P industry should be full disclosure of information, to improve the level of information disclosure, to reveal the risk;

nine is the P2P institutions should promote the formulation and implementation of industry rules, strengthen the role of industry self-regulation;

ten is the P2P institutions must adhere to the small, to support the development of individuals and small and micro enterprises, the principle of one-to-one correspondence.

since last year, the domestic P2P industry showed explosive growth. According to data released by the net home loan, the first half of this year, a total of 1184 national P2P net loan platform, is expected by the end of this year, the number of P2P platform will reach 1500.

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P2P platform, the uneven level of service, including the occurrence of malicious misappropriating run away. There have been many other platforms want loan run away this year, investor losses or even a million. The industry has been calling for the P2P platform should be >