Double 11 online shopping fraud reported a total of 73 yuan from the case of more than 14 yuan

3 minutes of trading more than 1 billion yuan; 13.5 hour trading 36 billion 200 million yuan more than last year, "double 11" all day long transactions – this is the electricity supplier masterpiece, this is the "double 11" charm, this is the potential consumer market Chinese. It is no wonder that the value of billions of horses in Hangzhou to thank Chinese women". They are, let Chinese makers in traffic and revenue gains huge at the same time, also gain a great influence, even in the United States investors due to the electricity supplier shares happiness within, shares rose and xibuzijin.


sales data.

yesterday, trading data of each business enterprise issued by the display, "double 11" Triumphant news keeps pouring in.

regardless of traffic, or transaction volume, Tmall has become the double 11 biggest winner. Data show that Tmall’s first 3 minutes of trading volume has exceeded $1 billion, with only 14 minutes and 02 seconds, the transaction amount exceeded $5 billion in the first 38 minutes after the opening of the second, the transaction amount exceeded 10 billion yuan. As of noon 12:00, Tmall has 12 stores sales amounting to billions of dollars, of which 1 billion yuan millet become the breakthrough of the first Tmall flagship store. As of 21:12, Tmall double 11 turnover exceeded 50 billion yuan.

in addition to Tmall data released in real time, the other companies are not announced specific transaction volume, but the growth in orders. Jingdong announced that as of 11 12:49, the day of the Jingdong mall turnover has reached last year’s total trading volume in November 11th last year, as of 16:00, Jingdong mall orders are the same period last year, the times of 2.3 times. Shop 1, said that as of 11:00, the total turnover of around the ring than the growth of 9 times. Transformation of the automotive electricity supplier’s car home, as of 11 15:30, sales exceeded $100 million, sold 23 thousand cars.

marketing rub traffic into fashion

"11· 11 belongs to the whole mankind" — yesterday, in the heart of New York’s New York Times square, a huge billboard attracted many people’s attention, shop No. 1, WeChat and micro-blog became the most eye-catching topic.

by double 11 machine rub traffic hit the marketing card business is more than a shop No. 1, the same eye as well as Jingdong in November 10th launched the 89% off public to buy a house campaign. Jingdong Finance jointly launched the "heavy offshore real estate 11 yuan to raise 89% off housing project from the beginning of November 11th zero, as of the date of 14:00, the number of participants has exceeded 70 thousand people, a domestic real congregation raised the most number in a single project.

public electricity supplier shares large suction gold

Jingdong and Ali listed in the U.S. stock market, double 11 stock price performance is sufficient to illustrate the international influence of the two companies. As of 11 am closing, the U.S. listed Chinese stocks rose, which has more than 16 stocks rose more than 4%. Beijing Morning Post reporter statistics found that only 7 home appliances >