25 old domain name dispute leading tourism group grievance arbitration failed

March 8th news: according to foreign media reports, recently Octopustravel group (Octopustravel Group Limited) to submit an application to the International Arbitration Center has Octopus.com dispute domain ownership.

it is understood that the disputed domain name Octopus.com registered earlier, the domain name registered in November 1986, has been 25 years of history of the current holder of the domain name registration, identity is unclear, we can access the domain name, the page jumps to the sale page, before 2006, the domain name holder will be the domain name analysis to animal website, after 2009 when the domain name to travel advertising parking page, the existence of competition with the Octopustravel group, Octopustravel group will appeal.

Octopustravel group is currently using the official domain name is Octopustravel.com, Octopustravel group received the "Octopus Travel" trademark in 2002, the complainant Octopustravel group said in 2009 when the owner of the domain name domain name resolution to malicious tourism advertising parking page, not intended to confuse users to get revenue, with malicious use of nature.

the current case of the arbitration team is still investigating the evidence.