Everyone responded to the rumors off the film the site is on the line will be updated later

read: everyone in the film once again hang up the same type of website access normal

everyone micro channel screenshot


technology news May 15th afternoon news, domestic American TV and film subtitle translation and download all known video site video (http://s.yyets.com) today the website cannot be accessed. Everyone just responded to the film by the official micro-blog, said the site will soon resume access.

everyone today appeared unable to visit the film and television sites, some users may temporarily shut down the site suspected. This afternoon, everyone responded through the official micro-blog film, said the site is updating the program, will be on the line later today.

in April last year, everyone in the film was in the world intellectual property day before briefly closed, but quickly restored the site visit.

data show that everyone is a non-profit organization. Set up an independent forum in June 1, 2006 from the YYeTs subtitles group.