Net loan association to respond to the Archduke list accuracy questionable


technology news January 21st afternoon news, according to today’s Dagong net loan platform blacklist and warning watch Co., Ltd. Dagong credit data released by the Beijing net loan Industry Association recently said in a statement, as a long-standing social intermediary service, has a positive effect on financial credit rating the development of the market, net loan industry also need to establish a credit foundation and other public facilities.


net loan association also pointed out that the "public" is not a description of related data acquisition and update mechanism, has not disclosed the credibility and historical data fitting evaluation model, the feasibility and accuracy of the net loan platform set "blacklist" and "warning list" is debatable. (Yangtze)

The following is the full text of the

net loan association statement:

Beijing net loan industry association on Dagong credit data Co., Ltd. Internet banking blacklist and early warning statement


days ago, Dagong subsidiary Dagong credit data limited company (hereinafter referred to as the "public") publicly released the first batch of Internet banking blacklist and warning list ", this statement is as follows:


Dagong international credit rating Co., Ltd is one of the main members of the credit rating market in china. Archduke is willing to contribute to the development of China’s net loan industry is worthy of respect and recognition of the starting point, but for the agency’s current work methods and ways to achieve the association to maintain attention.

as a long-standing social intermediary services, credit rating has a positive role in the development of the financial market, the net loan industry also need to establish a credit base and other public facilities. We appeal to the relevant third party to the spirit of scientific spirit and social responsibility, the spirit of independence, the principle of openness and transparency, in a down-to-earth, well founded research and demonstration on the basis of the formation of professional and objective rating system, to establish and maintain the trade order and rules.

Association of Beijing city as net loan industry self-discipline organization, welcome to have the qualifications, competence, authorized institutions through professional work to improve industry transparency and norms; at the same time, firmly opposed to any non professional "regulatory arbitrage" behavior, and the establishment of a negative list, subjective motives and objective form from adverse facts the results of the organization.


Association, "Archduke" evaluation "blacklist" and "warning list" of the main data source for the information disclosure of the net loan platform and the platform itself information platform and platform features relates to business risk etc.. For these data, Dagong has not yet explained the relevant data acquisition and update mechanism, but also did not disclose the credibility of the evaluation model and historical data fitting.

Association survey, for compliance considerations, most of the net loan platform only released some information of the borrower, the external agencies such as the need to evaluate the debtor’s solvency, need to add other information to obtain authorization under the premise of the debtor. Grand Duke "