Robin Li brags Yang Zhiyuan to send a gift

some time ago, Baidu will IM rumors flicker streams of people busily coming and going. As a result, Robin Li is just a hint to say: IM good, but better is the Baidu mailbox, to engage in, engage in unlimited amount of. Dark language: Baidu to push unlimited mailbox for you to see. As a result, half a year down, there is nothing, no shadow Baidu mailbox, but Yang Zhiyuan’s YAHOO out of the infinite.

No wonder Baidu

, a listed company, of course, be careful, before the listing of Baidu said, that the search has not a purpose, but a means to make money, also has caused the deep level leaving Liang Dong. On the surface, because of Robin Li’s distrust, in fact, or contrary to the faith of Liang Dong. When Baidu’s hard can together, strange, a listing is run away? Liang Dong silly? No, Liang Dong is not a bit silly. The Chinese confirms a saying: a different place. Liang Donglai Baidu ago, because of the optimistic search culture, to create a strong Baidu is the search culture atmosphere. But when the market, face the dilemma to draw further apart with a groan:, just just, or to the study of Buddhism to me. There is no culture of the company, leaving only the remaining body, and the soul, had No. Lost in the soul, good body, in the heart of the appearance, sooner or later will be ashes to ashes.

In view of the recent Baidu

campaign, one with a C2C, what, what the Japanese market. I really didn’t see it. Only one purpose: to make money! Turn to look at Yang Zhiyuan, although China YAHOO a year to occupy Chinese search market share is not big, but do not like Baidu who only know to make money. Do business, undivided attention to develop. The first is to build self brand culture put up a pageantry, and look for Chinese users created interest. Large area of adjustment, and then continue to bring benefits to Chinese Internet users. YAHOO 360 Almighty search, YAHOO statistics. YAHOO unlimited. There is more to Chinese for the interests of the users, in the silence of everything in good order and well arranged. In contrast, Baidu, only know that every day, every day to make money, air vent. In the face of soaring NASDAQ line, look at the domestic distrust of Baidu increased. It is no wonder that even Liang Dong in the media industry for so long, so good public relations channels have to step on the road.

said China YAHOO not only know and burn, rogue software in the shadow of the circle. This is not the case. Burn, it depends on how people get their money to burn, burn to the majority of Internet users get benefits, promote the development of Chinese network. There is no where to YAHOO unlimited mail? No YAHOO, where to come to the Almighty search? No YAHOO, where to ease the Internet users? Rogue software can not speak of YAHOO’s fault. That’s the 3721 question. Not to YAHOO in the head, said, in my view, YAHOO toolbar than Baidu’s much better. Don’t see that Baidu’s name?! it is overbearing.

jumped out of the door in April and asked for an unlimited mail. As a result, it’s November. Ya.