The second wave of mobile nternet wave will be vertical


The first wave of

wave of mobile Internet has basically come to an end, who also wore pants, who have been seen naked. Now we are thinking about the second wave of opportunity where, I think it will be perpendicular to the opportunity, big game player does not look, small game player who is more keen to see who can do better, solve the pain points business is good business.

today China has become the world’s largest smartphone market, with the popularity of smart phones to the public, mobile applications gradually change people’s lives in all aspects. In recent years, the focus of entrepreneurship has shifted to the mobile Internet, whether it is BAT, or medium-sized Internet Co, all kinds of entrepreneurs are engaged in the entrepreneurial wave of mobile internet. Over the years, I think the first wave of mobile Internet wave has basically come to an end, who also wore pants, who have been seen naked.

I think in the mobile applications market (not a game), APP will be divided into two obvious extremes, one is the entrance of applications, there are enough users, the value of assets has become giants snatch, and carve up the object, maps, weather, social etc.. The beginning of this year after another burst of many APP giants were acquired, of course the giants themselves grab tickets too.

another extreme is then installed without user, needs no profit model, the profit model has not been a rapid product users, plagiarism, the most extreme represents a failure, the final result is either eliminated, or still insist, or to do next APP.

I think in the first phase of the development of mobile Internet, has shown a lot of obvious industry characteristics:

first, Matthew effect, oligopoly. On the Internet, a model of the site can appear in the first echelon, the second echelon, or even the first tier three or four, WEB traffic is very fragmented, can form a diversified situation. But in the mobile phone, the entrance is very single, apple is the Appstore ranking, Android is the mainstream market, application of the same pattern for the user retention of 1-2 is enough, for APP company, it is equal to the money grab entrance competition was gradually turned into a display, each on the list is the batch to do early, hit hard, grab the fast company, in some segments, there wouldn’t even have second first.

second, user costs will become the threshold. This year the promotion channel rate was last year doubled, some people each quarter will have a certain degree of increase, brush list also rose, brush also rose, the user cost will become entrepreneurs of the pain, the costs of obtaining today IOS per user in Android 5-10 yuan, 2-5 yuan. No matter how good the APP, there is no budget equivalent to do product manager for others, want to rely on the natural growth of the possibility of growth and growth almost zero. The cost of the user has become a very high threshold of entrepreneurship, count the number of users you want to achieve >