Different people in the eyes of the page tour of the future prospects of different pages


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37 game of the second session of CIGC ended, the game was observed with 37 game co-founder Li Yifei had a short conversation about Webpage Game about this, not optimistic about the industry’s industry, about its past, present and future.

different people in the eyes of the different prospects of page travel

page tour in the end what kind of status in the game industry in the end, different people may have different views.

for those fleeing Webpage Game transformation, Mobile Games manufacturers, Webpage Game has been declining, there is no longer available for development opportunities, "2014 Chinese game industry report" shows that in 2014, Chinese web game market actual sales revenue 20 billion 270 million yuan, an increase of 58.8%. China Mobile game market actual sales revenue reached 27 billion 490 million yuan, an increase of 144.6%.

it is clear that in 2014, hand travel has been fully beyond the page tour, whether it is the overall revenue, or for the future growth rate, the page can not swim hand tour. So this part of human cognition is very correct, and one of the most famous representative may be founded in 2007, after the end of the tour, Webpage Game times are tepid, and complete the transformation of Mobile Games in 2013 at the end of 2014, and finally completed the listing of the blue line.

but there are others who don’t think so, "said Li Yifei, co-founder of 37 games." whether you look at it or not, it has such a large market size and continues to grow. To say a joke, we have been talking about, page tour the next 3 years, he’s a little better than the growth rate of GDP."

According to Analysys released "

China web game market quarterly monitoring report for the third quarter of 2014" data shows, Webpage Game business 37 games in 2014 accounted for Q3 of domestic Webpage Game share to 13.3%, second only to the Tencent.

Qifan network CEO Cao Kai also had a very famous speech, "2014 Webpage Game market share is now 20 billion, Mobile Games market share is 30 billion, 10 thousand people to grab 30 billion of the market, more than and 20 people to grab 20 billion of the market, even if the next year Mobile Games increased to 350 and 40 billion, I will focus on Webpage Game market. There is a saying: "when everyone knows this thing to make money, this thing can not do it again."."

for the 37 games, such as Mo Lin, who is Webpage Game giant, Webpage Game growth slowed, but reduce competition makes their growth is still considerable, even higher than those of Webpage Game when the fire, and for what made no achievements in the field of Webpage Game team, Webpage Game research and development costs and compared Mobile Games cycle and do not have the advantage of capital, the prospects do not have the advantage of Webpage Game really has no need for investment.

page tour in the end what kind of status is now in the