Ministry of Railways responded to 12306 questions no mention of the cost of data

original title: the Ministry of Railways to respond to 12306 booking system tender questioned

open tender process; does not involve the use of 330 million details, website design, construction and operation of the total cost, bidding information, such as the company

Beijing News (reporter Liu Chunrui) recently, the media and the public to the railway ministry of the new generation of ticket system spent 330 million strokes, but it appears difficult to log, tickets and other issues issued a question. Yesterday, the Information Office of the Ministry of railways made a relatively specific tender process.

bidding project is divided into two packages

said the Ministry of railways, the bidding project is divided into two independent packages, including procurement and construction of 12306 outlets, customer service website, website customer service voice and Internet access security, electronic payment platform, network system, train service, marketing decision-making, system monitoring, system test environment, daishoudian access security, computer room environment. System software and hardware equipment.

tender agency in accordance with the law on the "China procurement and bidding network" issued a tender notice (URL:, a total of 7 units purchased the tender documents.

5 Tender two successful

tender sold 20 days later, the project in Beijing open tenders, a total of 5 bidders submit the bidding documents, the tender bidders shall meet the conditions.

The evaluation report and the evaluation committee granted according to

information technology center of railway ministry standard, confirmed in two packages were the lowest, the highest score of the Taiji Computer Corp, with the Limited by Share Ltd for the successful tenderer. According to the results of the tender evaluation on the website of the tender agent full 3 working days without objection, to the winning unit issued a letter of acceptance.

as a new generation of ticket system is the original railway ticket system upgrade, in order to ensure the continuity and development of application software system supporting functions, according to the relevant laws and regulations, the original railway ticket system R & D units — electronic Chinese Railway Science Research Institute for the application of a new generation of research and development work of the national railway passenger ticket system.

– after the

12306 on the line in the end how much money spent?

Ministry of Railways said it would apply for information to the public who specifically reply

previously, the Ministry of Railways information technology center has responded to the media and netizens questioned. Responded that the new generation of railway passenger ticket system construction is a public tender compliance. Concise reply did not quell the user questioned. Some people in accordance with the "Regulations on the disclosure of government information" to the Ministry of Railways to apply for a new generation of tickets to the public bidding system details. Including the History Department of Lanzhou University sophomore Huang Huanting, media man Zhou Xiaoyun, lawyer, such as Mr. Dong Zhengwei.

yesterday, the Information Office of the Ministry of Railways of this note, did not mention