Google agent door event storm unfulfilled litigation removed the agent

the second half of last year, Google China "agent gate" incident made by Google: because raise a Babel of criticism of unilateral termination of agency agreement, 7 agents in Jiangsu and Zhejiang angry counterattack, protest Google "hegemony" behavior. After several negotiations, the two sides have yet to reach an agreement, but the event was calm before the end of the year.

However, the latest news reporter

, Google agency door storm did not end, there are at least two agents and the contradiction between the intensification of Google, fight or take arbitration channels. In addition according to the reporter, the domestic Internet enterprises "gold" company has incorporated some Google agents, including a number of "acting door" incident agents.

court conflicts

last September, is located in Jiangsu and Zhejiang and Xiamen 7 agents received Google mail, said in October 27th that year and termination between the agent signed "Adwords agency agreement", in contradiction.

in September 29th last year, 7 agents gathered in Shanghai, Google, Google, a banner to protest the unilateral termination of the agreement. October 8th removed the agent said in a statement, on behalf of the negotiations with Google and Google after a day part, China said in a statement on China area distributors have been adjusted, and some agents decided to terminate the agency agreement. This reply Google 7 agents caused more intense dissatisfaction last October 12th, agents held called silly Conspiracy: the true story of a "news conference, Google Chinese exposure one department staff to take the initiative to ask for money and other agents, at the same time that Google suddenly canceled their proxy is piracy.

in November 9th last year, the contradiction between Google and removed the agent to continue the upgrade. Removed the agent to Google Shanghai office building, Raffles hunger strike protest". After the intervention of the relevant government departments, Google and agents to return to the negotiating table, but the negotiations are still broken, the agency said it would continue to take all legal means to actively activist.

in December, Google issued a repayment agreement to be as long as the agents, agents will agree to pay the corresponding money, "but the agreement was demanding, we must apologize for their own behavior, to his own mouth, are terms of overlord." Removed one of the agents, relevant personage of the Yangzhou Ding Jie technology company said. And require agents to sign the agreement shall not terminate the agreement with the agency to seek legal relief for each other. However, this event does not seem to have the following, 7 agents to open the name of the "7 injuries," the blog last December 12th also stopped updating.

April 11th, reporters call the part removed agents, the person in charge of Ningbo Tiger wing network science and technology limited company surnamed Hu told reporters, "and Google is currently playing the lawsuit, but the other did not disclose more details. The relevant person of another agent was removed Yangzhou Dingjie technology company told reporters that they are currently through international.