Eight popular digital domain name two categories of characters under the domain

Arabia is the world’s most simple and clear through the digital symbol, easy to remember, loved by Chinese people, the digital domain is in the domain name in popular as football fans to love football, there are a number of domain names in Chiai digital domain "digital fans", to pay attention to the following industry digital domain name industry recently dynamic.

2 character digital domain favorite

domain name because of its scarcity and uniqueness, domain names are even more precious, 2 character.Com digital domain name has the world’s 100, recently, this type of digital domain in the industry exciting. Group purchase platform Wo Wo Group successfully acquired excellent digital domain name 55.com, domain name information has been changed to now, Wo Wo Group did not disclose the transaction amount of domain name, 55.com, is a stack of 2 digital.Com domain name, catchy, easy to remember, at present this kind of domain name in the world only 10, more precious, anecdotal domain name transaction price in more than 5 million high possibility.


"8" is a symbol of wealth and gives the domestic business of Italy, 88.com is also called good double auspicious meaning, therefore, the 88.com domain name is praised as the king of digital domain, earlier, Chinese people bought the 88.com domain name, the domain name and enable people to launch 88.com integrated platform, 88.com registered in 1995.


2 digital CN domain 77.com.cn domain name the last successful auction results beat the price of 79000 yuan, 77 of the two numbers have many meanings, can be translated into the meaning of the Qixi Festival seven Lunar Festival in early July, 77 free movie nets, Chinese singer Seven Gao nickname and so on, in addition, the two character overlapping the.Com.cn at the end of the domestic digital domain only 10, 77.com.cn domain also its scarcity value increased slightly, 77.com.cn domain name registration in 2003, has 8 years of registration time.


recently successfully sold 2 digital minon ah strong domain name 67.net, the domain name has been changed information of buyer, buyer Department of Xiamen, a network company, the domain name is ah strong overseas earlier purchased, then transferred to "China platform, and has demonstrated in the platinum channel, digital domain name is popular in Chinese people in China, with two digital the domain name suffix.Net in the world is only 100, then 67.net is rumored to domain name purchase price of nearly 100 thousand yuan.


3 character digital domain is not inferior to


web game operators 91wan acquisition in the acquisition of 915.com ylmf, on the eve of its 915 mobile phone number for the site suddenly shut down. "