Tencent burst No QQ major loopholes available any friends list

the evening of February 8, 2009, a netizen in the country’s largest personal webmaster forum – laggards webmaster forum webmaster resources edition released a claim to search for any QQ friends list, and released the forum Webmaster: refusing to swim fish QQ friends list. Immediately attracted flowers and the webmaster of post evaluation. More people to write a web version of the query sent out, to 0:00 in the morning, the owners have found a significant reduction in the number of queries QQ, the event has come to an end.

"cow brother first aroused hot laggards.

According to the

tracking software is that the user name is "cow brother" out of the first, but according to the author of the software observation revealed that the software has a "check for updates" links to hi.baidu.com/ahxjj, according to the release date, the software has spread to 2 days. What is the author of software expert, temporarily the textual research. The "cow brother" release, indeed aroused the laggards hot, some people worry about privacy issues, people download the test, attracted countless flowers, with infinite.

programming enthusiasts online version of the page.

after some discussion, a principle of the software to find out, some people say that is QQ space vulnerabilities, more programming enthusiasts write online inquiry version, to attract traffic soaring opportunity, but in the end did not. About 0:00 vulnerabilities are sealed Tencent (some Tencent official notice), but then more people to do the web version, the results come to naught.

on the outdated QQ "arbitrary (query) door" incident.

the laggards are powerful, but people’s privacy should be respected, should not be selfish behavior, should not be the behavior of dog in the manger. I believe that the majority of webmaster together, will create a miracle.

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