Web2 0 product model should be suitable for advertisers

at the end of the last century, the word "community" is very hot, then the community is completely online marketing activities. The emergence of Web2.0 provides a better platform for community marketing, so that we can more accurately find the information they need.

so the discussion of online marketing, we should first learn from the concept of traditional communities come in, that is to do offline marketing model to move online. Advertisers and Internet companies at home and abroad on the marketing of a large number of exploration shows that the success of the platform itself has a lot of influence.

              second, it is recommended to do community marketing, to help users to find the opportunity to show their personality. Why are many Web2.0 successful? Because thousands of users to meet their desire to show.

third, in the Web2.0 site, to establish the need to meet the needs of advertisers product model. Because advertisers and users have their own problems, how to do a combination of both, which are professionals need to think about.