Upstart Feng Xin the stock market up and down for me as a fun

Abstract: this round of collapse, "we are hiding and can not hide" – storm CEO Feng Xin tried to express his public to the public, "the stock market up and down, for me as fun". But emotionally, he is still unable to get away from the dramatic slide and asset shrinkage.


this is a lucky company.

March 24, 2015, storm technology login gem, the market value of 1 billion 130 million yuan, but it has created a series of daily trading board, the market value rose to 36 billion 900 million yuan. In contrast, the United States listed five years Youku potatoes market value of only $24 billion 400 million. Then, before the influx of more frenzied investors, it unexpectedly suspended, but fortunately survived the month long stock market volatility. Until this Monday reopened rehabilitation, its share price remained at 307 yuan, 880 times earnings.

, however, even such a company has its anxiety that all the wealth it has now acquired is only book wealth and is not controlled. This slump, "we are not going to avoid" storm technology CEO Feng Xin tried to express his sanity, he repeatedly stressed to the media how he does not care about the capital, "the stock market ups and downs, for me as a pleasure". But emotionally, he is still unable to get away from the dramatic slide and asset shrinkage.

Monday after rehabilitation, the opening limit, market capitalization of 3 billion 691 million yuan a day evaporation. Yesterday and today continues to limit the opening, the market value is 26 billion 900 million, more than 6 billion 300 million yuan has shrunk again on Monday.

The original "

(premium) space Shijishi times, now is probably ten times, several times, although it can still do, but the efficiency will be low, the cost will be higher." July 8th, Feng Xin, said in an interview with reporters.

in China, people who have access to a huge amount of unexpected wealth through a convenient way called "upstart". "Ugly, but you really is an upstart." Feng Xin said. The reason, facing huge fluctuations in wealth, the wealth will often choose to put the money out as soon as possible before — this is Feng Xin the most urgent thing, he is going to the highest point in the market value of the company liquidation, before the next round of the stock market crash will coming, carrying on wealth into real food. Because every day he delays, the book may be reduced by billions.

in a long period of time, BAT are the most active buyers in the Internet, and now the market’s most high-profile bidders, those who benefit from the A shares lucky, such as music, such as today’s storm. The company since its establishment in 2007, has been in the fierce competition in the video market to beg a way of earning money generous acquisition, never, but today it enjoy the financial resources, it can use cash or stock exchange to investment, a stake in a company (but because the price is too high, they do not necessarily want to share, all he can use resources >