Jiangsu sword 1 victories quite good only online fugitive arrested 149 people

warned not Yazhen heavily criminals to commit crime in Jiangsu.


July 20, xinhuanet.com Nanjing (reporter correspondent Su Gongxin Wang Wei) sword, peace YOG! Since the first day of action in Nanjing on the evening of the reporter with the police to combat at two in the morning, and three Bingfen road in Xuzhou, Suzhou, Huaian and other places with the police interview, witnessed the concentration of great in strength and impetus of Qing Dynasty check action.

to support the Nanjing Youth Olympic security, strengthen social security control, from late July 16th 8 to July 19th at 8 in the morning, Jiangsu provincial public security department, the deployment of the province’s public security organs to organize to strict management and strictly control public security as the focus of the "sword No. 1" centralized inventory operations, closely around the overall goal of the "Green Youth Olympic Games" thorough, key areas, strict control of key personnel, thorough investigation of the suspect suspected car, strict security bayonet, adhere to precision strike and face inventory combination, focus on remediation and strong extrusion combination, special work and mobilize the masses to combine full police mobilization, go all out, the crackdown to prevent all kinds of illegal and criminal activities, to maximize the elimination of security the security risks, to build Jiangsu heights, strive for the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games successfully held to create a good public security environment.

the afternoon of July 20th, Jiangsu province public security news bulletin, for a period of 60 hours "sword No. 1" centralized inventory operations, the province’s police were deployed more than 22 people, the inventory of the villages, suburban and other key parts of the complex places more than 18.3 months, on the spot rectification of safety hazards at 4275 units; check suspicious the vehicle more than 9.7 vehicles, punish drunk driving and other serious traffic violations since 3012, and seized 413 stolen vehicles and other items; and arrested a large number of various criminal suspects, including 149 fugitives online; seized control of the tool 1039, imitation guns 412. "Sword No. 1" unified centralized inventory operations have achieved remarkable results.

on the first day of action, journalists in Nanjing with the first police to combat at two in the morning, a catch, a rewarding inventory, the reporter excitedly rushed to write manuscript before daybreak, and with the Provincial Public Security Bureau police chase car, train climbing teams to Xuzhou, Suzhou, Huaian and other places, witness the survey focuses great in strength and impetus action.


3 days "screening" two times, "Chengzhongcun" ferret out the fugitive

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in the evening of July 17th, reporters followed the police came to the door after the village of Suzhou district. This is one of the few villages in Suzhou". The original more than and 100 families have now become a gathering place for foreign population, the more than 1 thousand and 300 houses, lived in the more than 2 thousand. "This flow of live personnel, this is today a few households, in two days, have changed." Responsible for the area police station deputy Fengmen Ming said.

that night, the reporter followed the police on the identity of all the identity of the village in the city again. "No"