Daily topic of the United States for the first time to achieve full year profit group buying industr

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network December 31st news, as the Internet capital warming fastest, in switching rhythm most rapidly, since the group purchase business model and the ups and downs of lightning from early 2010 into China, from thousands of war to mass death, in the past 3 years has completed the first phase of the crazy. In Matthew, the U.S. group, Wowo, comment group company has become the first wave of waves of survivors.

group purchase navigation site 800 recently released "November 2013 Chinese group purchase market statistics report" data show that in November, group purchase turnover again rose to a record high, reaching 3 billion 790 million yuan, an increase of 7.4%, an increase of more than 1 times. Comprehensive annual data, up to November, the cumulative turnover in 2013 to buy 31 billion 520 million yuan, close to the sum of the year in 2011 and in 2012. The group 800 data analyst fan Kang estimates, in 2013 the annual turnover will exceed 35 billion yuan Group purchase.

has been recognized as "burn money" industry group purchase, the label is torn off. U.S. mission network CEO Wang Xing said yesterday, the U.S. group net turnover this year is expected to reach 16 billion yuan, will be the first to achieve full year earnings. U.S. mission network to achieve the annual profit, largely reflects the group based services to the line under the huge development of the service industry, but the annual profit can be sustained remains to be seen. In the industry view, the group purchase industry has been BAT (Baidu, look at fiercely as a tiger does, Ali, Tencent) is a real threat and worry gangster group purchase.

800 group analyst fan Kang said, "for in the first camp group purchase website, should be more willing to profitability, profitability and further expand the scale of hovering between this need to choose between profitability and scale expansion". O2O analyst Huang Yuanpu believes that in order to achieve profitability, the U.S. mission network to a certain extent, also made sacrifices". Last year, the U.S. mission network has said that this year the target sales of 18 billion 800 million yuan, but this year’s total turnover is estimated at only $16 billion. U.S. group net profit, to a large extent, also reflects the group based on the line of service industry huge development space." In the industry view, in addition to the huge space online discount market, was opened under the line to buy the service market is a new blueprint for development.

mobile terminal in this new battlefield, the competition will be more intense buy site. Although professional buy site online service has laid the foundation, but the product development and operation of the mobile terminal is still in a relatively weak. Within the next year is expected to buy the industry in the mobile terminal will launch a fierce competition between technology and marketing.

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