Guangdong began to shut down all BBS

site not only to the record, BBS also apply for a special



site is closed

        start on all servers in Guangdong began to implement the site record information to check the July 3rd News Communication Management Bureau of Guangdong Province before the BBS, but also to register should be allowed to operate. In addition to Guangdong Province, the Ministry of information industry on the day before in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Henan and other four provinces (city) launched the website registration information verification pilot work. The following are some of the sites received notice and website notice.         notification;       the space you visit may have the following reasons for not being able to access:       1 the station has illegal content (political, pornographic, etc.)……       2 your visit to the site has not been filed by ICP.           Hello!   we received a notice from the Guangdong Public Security Bureau, will not need the electronic bulletin board record number forum will be closed, if not closed, by the Public Security Bureau found, directly connected to the server to detain, the worst case to the public Security Bureau for processing address:       3 if your site is not for the forum. The Internet electronic bulletin (BBS) application       Internet electronic bulletin (BBS) application:       application 1, electronic bulletin (legal signature);       2, intends to provide the electronic bulletin service category and column name, description and concrete column content;       3, electronic bulletin service rules;       4, "network and information safety responsibility" (requirements Available in two originals);       5, the Internet electronic bulletin management system (including: clear column system, moderator responsibility system, registration system, user posted rules system, security measures);       6, electronic bulletin service undertaking;       7, BBS moderator information registration form;       a copy of the business license (copy 8, company has made the Internet information service license, submit the license).       details: http://s.!