nternet Weekly Jiang Qiping video site is still in its initial stage

news August 17th, "Internet Weekly" editor Jiang Qiping said today’s guest interview with the Tencent of science and technology, the video is still a starting stage, is not really a harvest stage, many video sites can not profit is a very normal phenomenon. Jiang Qiping said that from the Internet to the voice of the Internet to the Internet, to the image of the Internet, the video is just a technology change. We will find a phenomenon will appear repeatedly, it will sell the product in the first stage, the second stage began to return by service.

"Internet Weekly" editor Jiang Qiping (Tencent science and technology photo)

2010 Internet Conference will be held in Beijing from August 17th to 19, the Tencent of science and technology strategic cooperation as the official portal of this Internet Conference and the official exclusive news center, a full range of video and live at the scene. And set up 3 on-site interview, inviting industry experts and business representatives to discuss the current situation of the industry, pointing out the future trend.

as one of the biggest highlights of the current Internet Conference, micro-blog interactive large-scale introduction of the general assembly. As the official exclusive partner of micro-blog, micro-blog, Tencent (http://s.t.qq.com/) launched # question CEO # activities, all users can pay attention to you in advance of the Internet industry CEO. Some of these questions will be selected at the internet conference site, and get a positive answer guests.

"Internet Weekly" editor Jiang Qiping (Tencent science and technology photo)

the following is an interview with Internet Weekly editor Jiang Qiping memoir:

Moderator: dear friends, good morning everyone! I am very pleased that we came to Tencent in the 2010 internet conference reported live. We are now invited to the guests of the "Internet Weekly" editor in chief, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Information Research Center Secretary General Mr. Jiang Qiping.


first asked the teacher a question, since you as the "Internet Weekly" editor in chief, has undergone many new changes, I would like to introduce you to the "Internet Weekly" in reporting on the Internet trends to grasp what new things


Jiang Qiping: Hello, everyone! I recently returned to the Internet Weekly to do some specific work. Now the Internet Weekly positioning is mainly to emphasize the discovery of the Internet, the recent direction is mainly positioned in the direction of the CEO, to restore the past technology driven Internet development and change such a big theme.

in this can be more from the perspective of CEO or from the hope of the future, as well as from the perspective of young people to observe the changes in the overall wealth of very active technology changes.

host: when we concern the Internet trends in the study of "Internet Weekly", will see some of the hot spots of current business models, such as our video, electronic commerce, group purchase, Jiang teacher, how do you see.