Small webmaster was stopped website spit appeal calls for more humane regulation

, potato and Cai Xiaohui are two personal webmaster, they are building their own website idol and hometown, but recently these two sites have been "hit", a sweet potato to idol website moved to foreign servers continue to operate, and Cai Xiaohui hometown Lianjiang city built in the town online shop "has now stopped. They are not opposed to Internet regulation, but hope to have a more humane way to clean up the network garbage.

fans will be transferred to the foreign website server to "Zhuixing"

is one of the most popular fans of actress Leah · (Leah Dizon), and the website of the Chinese Club Forum, which he has set up for his idol, has gone through 5 years in the past years. "From 2005 founding date, we have more than 20 thousand IP visits, though not much, but also a return on our hard work", a potato laments, he said the construction of a personal website is not easy, in addition to excellent technology more need to persevere. Most of the webmaster and personal websites like a potato is only a part-time website, he works during the day at IT, the use of spare time to the construction of the forum site.

design and construction of the web site is a good partner and I, the founder of the two of us is the whole website about this website, a potato showing a pride, he put the site as a child to take care of, a little program mistakes immediately overnight changes, a potato when the most crazy once for two days and two nights overnight improved site procedures, the purpose is to let it access up faster.

fans painstakingly memories


spent a lot of effort on this site, a potato and his partner also gain a lot of valuable things in the maintenance period, their technical ability has been greatly improved, so a potato partner would give a IT company to do the digging of technical director. When the first anniversary of Leah · website was founded in 2006; Dizon himself also took the initiative to contact a potato and his friends, "therefore, our entire fan club users excited for a week!" this thing, a potato today still feel ten excited, he also believes that there is a help like-minded friends, can make life more fun, to be able to harvest a lot in real life can not have happiness.

website was founded in 2006, the 1 anniversary of the first meeting of the friends of the site held a sweet potato, the purpose is to call you guys in Guangzhou online together. "It is the first time I organize users activities, I remember in March 15, 2006, the theme is" the first time ", I got a lot of friends of the Party issued a response letter at the forum, everyone is enthusiastic, have some foreign friends complain why we organize activities in Guangzhou, at the request of the other local also organized a gathering of friends, now think of it very touching." A potato, on the day we meet in Beijing road a restaurant dinner "corruption", from the beginning.