God carved Beaver near announced a complete C round of financing valuation of nearly three hundr

tiger sniffing note: really is a lot of things are anxious to get in the years ago. The beaver family who carved Lord today (February 18th) at the public number of articles in WeChat announced that he had just signed a beaver C round of financing of Termsheet, this round of valuation of nearly $three hundred million. The original text is as follows:

at noon today, we received the FA Ethernet capital Li Yue call, urged me to find a printer, because I travel in the hotel, went to the front desk, print a piece of paper, the so-called "contract signature page ninth page", and then sent to the original signature, photo, Li Yue, and then she said, "carved God, well, a beaver C round of financing TS file, even if the effect."

I was surprised to find the

this year, have to wait until March 11th, is a beaver on the first anniversary of the line, even within a year, we completed a round of financing, and this round of valuation of nearly $three hundred million, nearly $50 million, almost melted in response to the venture capital industry call, the amount of financing not bragging without water – of course, Siqianjibai and near five thousand, I will choose the latter, listening to good ~


(: American Amazon tidbits listed in 1997, the valuation of $438 million, the amount of financing of $54 million, if you do not calculate the inflation, than today’s C beaver wheel more.


family consists of a beaver line famous venture capital company led, another with the vote. A round of broadband capital IDG and B round to continue with the vote (for that confidence, the two are put in a bit), I had to put about $7 million 500 thousand (the whole is honest Oh, not a penny to say!) but I voted with part of the shares in the option the whole team to the pool…… Well, the money is not capricious.

but then I share in the beaver home after the C round, only 40 percent, a loss of "absolute control" position (of course, the relative control remained unchanged compared to the AFU ~), essential oils and carved sirloin two pieces of business are up more than ninety percent of the shares, why do I this so quickly diluted so much


the last article, let’s talk about this.

, a recent book hot, Peter Thiel "from zero to one", from the book point of view, AFU oil and carved sirloin business, are from "one to ten" the kind of profit model is very mature, you need to do is "better than others", and "how to be better" is the conclusion. But a beaver family must be the kind of "from zero to a" business, beaver home mode, the United States has no! Don’t look today the domestic beauty industry O2O "is very lively, but it is no exaggeration to say that from the beaver home opens up the new situation, it attracted many kinds of imitators, how to do the next beauty industry O2O? How? How to make money? They all stare, the next step for the beaver family ~


…… Oh, I don’t know,


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