nternational domain name open the nternet revolution or interest plunder

    Huaqi President Feng Jun a micro-blog yesterday triggered a crowd. He said that the company has just applied for a domain name.Aigo, it is possible to change the Internet development model. People have seen.Com,.Cn,.Org and other suffixes of the domain name, but never seen directly to the company name suffix, very curious.

if (application) is successful, will become an important milestone in the development of Chinese enterprises to participate in the global Internet, yesterday, Feng Jun on the phone on the first financial daily said.

a strange domain name suffix, how would make him so excited?. In June 20th, global ICANN (ICANN) in Singapore passed a resolution in the existing.Com,.Cn and other 22 kinds of generic top-level domains based on the new top-level domain, the suffix can cover a variety of languages, covering the enterprise or individual. On the phone, Feng Jun’s voice is very deep, he said: "this is a revolution."

"revolution" origin

ICANN was founded in 1998, is a non-profit international organization, is responsible for global IP address assignment, domain name management. In order to implement the new deal, it will open 4 days in Singapore, the end of tomorrow.

"it took 6 years for the new deal to be changed, and it cost about $7," he said." Internet domain name expert Shenyang on the first financial daily said.

New Deal background is that the early Internet only.Com,.Net,.Org and other domain name suffix, there are more than and 200 national domain names, such as China.Cn,.Uk, Japan is.JP.

with the development of the industry, now only.Com below the domain name will be up to 80 million. Shenyang said that as of now, the domain name suffix has been extended to 22, the most recent is.TV,.Moblie. Even so, the expression of the existing domain name has covered almost everyday vocabulary and conventional, domain name application to a new name for easy identification, has been more difficult.

, of course, there is an active domain name. For example, those with little access to the site, in the hands of pure investment or speculation in the hands of the company or. Shenyang said that a considerable part of the purpose of the application is to make money. For example, in China, Google had to pay $1 million for the Chinese domain name.


, the newspaper has reported, a company has registered nearly 10000 Chinese domain, covers most of the digital vocabulary, daily life, themes involving animals and plants, tools, entertainment and many other fields, almost Everything is contained therein. Moreover, many of them are related to famous enterprises at home and abroad. At that time, each domain name market price of about 300 yuan, each registration period is 3 years, therefore, the total investment is not cheap.

over the years, ICANN has been trying to solve this problem. However, due to the difficulties in policy and technology