Each other accused of tampering with the browser to upgrade the conflict between 360 and Sogou

Sogou Sogou with the Tencent, the search area of the original situation has changed, the browser and the browser war between 360 and the outbreak of the rapid escalation of the past few days. First, Sogou announced, 360 in the Mid Autumn Festival Sogou browser users to change the default, then the 360 accused Sogou input method to induce the existence of a binding Sogou browser suspects. Yesterday, the two sides, word war upgrade again. 360 security guards official micro-blog in the form of video Sogou browser accused of alleged binding bound notary. Until 9 last night when the reporter writing, Sogou has yet to respond to the so-called video evidence 360.

accused each other of forcing users to choose

conflict between the two sides from the afternoon of September 20th. Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan forwarding users micro-blog said, from yesterday (19 May) has received a large number of users across the country to the complaints of 360, micro-blog also see a lot of feedback. This rogue behavior beyond the legal bottom line, but also a great harm to the user." Wang Xiaochuan said Sogou has evidence for this.

in the morning of September 21st, Sogou official statement form quickly follow, said from the morning of September 19th began to receive a large number of user complaints: Sogou browser user default setting is changed into IE or 360 browser, and the user manual recovery is invalid.

for the Sogou accusations, 360 companies issued a statement in September 21st this year, during the Mid Autumn Festival, Sogou input method to upgrade and update the input method thesaurus as an excuse, large-scale bundled browser induced behavior. As a security software, 360 to the user to guide the behavior of the Sogou induced binding, and get the user to allow for browser repair."

yesterday, 360 announced by the official micro-blog Sogou called deceive users, secretly bundled browser evidence". In the video, the user to install Sogou input method will be bundled browser; and the input method to upgrade the process, Sogou does not give the user any tips in the background secretly upgrade browser (upgraded to inform). In this regard, the deadline to reporters last night today, Sogou has yet to respond to this argument.

search user snatch into the "hand to hand combat"

for the outbreak of the war between Sogou and 360, the outside world did not surprise, just come so fast shocking. September 16th, Sogou announced the acceptance of Tencent strategic investment, the choice of independent development, rather than rumors of the overall acquisition of 360. "The 360 choice in the Mid Autumn Festival holiday time" run out "Sogou browser, in addition to the acquisition, due to the factors of love into hate, essentially because Sogou on competitive pressures." Industry analysts believe that 360 search technology compared to Baidu, Sogou lag a lot, only to weaken the other side of the browser to delay the development of competitors, for more than 360 of the time.

market research data show in PC CNZZ, as of August 2013, Sogou search market, the market share of 10.35%, the Tencent search for 3.62>