Macfee reported that COM has become the world’s most dangerous top level domain name

technology news Beijing on October 26th news, according to foreign media reports, antivirus software company Macfee released a report on Tuesday,.COM domain name has become the most dangerous top-level domain name. Macfee pointed out that the current 56% of the dangerous sites belong to the.COM domain name.

Macfee analysis of more than 27 million sites around the world, concluded that.COM has become the most risky top-level domain name. Macfee report also shows that the most insecure country domain name is.VN (Vietnam). The safety of national domain name is.JP (Japan), which is the.JP won the most secure domain. Macfee’s report also showed that 6.2% of the surveyed sites, there are security risks in the site of, which is higher than last year’s 5.8%.

Macfee network security research laboratory director Balazs · Greve (Paula Greve) pointed out, "the report highlights the network crime strategy changes rapidly, to lure more victims, and to prevent being caught. Last year,.VN is a relatively safe domain name, this year has become the most dangerous domain name. Cyber criminals aim to reduce the risk of being arrested by targeting countries with cheap and convenient domain names. This year, the relative security of the domain name, the next year may become a dangerous domain name."


: the five most dangerous countries:

first:.VN (Vietnam) integrated risk: 29.4%

second:.CM (Cameroon) integrated risk: 22.2%

third:.AM (Armenia) integrated risk: 12.1%

fourth:.CC (Cocos Islands) comprehensive risk: 10.5%

fifth:.RU (Russia) comprehensive risk: 10.1%

‘s five most secure domain names:

first:.JP (Japan) integrated risk: -1%

second:.CAT (Catalonia) integrated risk: -1%

third:.GG (Guernsey) comprehensive risk: -1%

fourth:.HR (Croatia) integrated risk: -1%

fifth:.IE (Ireland) comprehensive risk: -1%