Daily topic free or charge Video website and then charge fees

A5 (www.admin5.com) in June 26th, the era of free video website is coming to an end? In the end not to charge users? What time to start charging? A series of problems aroused netizens talk.

for a long time, Chinese pay online video has been facing this dilemma: on the one hand, great benefits can produce up to hundreds of millions of Internet users will undoubtedly make the heart of video website, but on the other hand finally saved up because users may have caused a loss of fees. Has always been accustomed to enjoy the free Chinese Internet users are willing to pay for this to become the major concern of the major video sites.

in fact, as early as the beginning of the rise in 2005, most of the video sites to charge the main, but soon after the impact of the toll site in the free web site collapse. When the thunder launched to charge users of the "Ruby theater" business, a promotion of high-definition download, two will be the promotion of high-definition movie online watch, charging about 1 yuan -2 yuan, HD online watch fees will become a reality. And the thunder of the charging business, the netizen sang the blues in the Internet environment, free of charge, who first charge who was the first to fall.

in charge of the problem, the various video sites have been slowly test the bottom line of the Internet users. In 2011, Iqiyi launched a membership, then the monthly membership fee is 9.8 yuan. But after a few years, Iqiyi founder Gong Yu has not dare to answer a question, "are you paying members of exactly how much revenue?" because there has been no more than 5% of total revenue. June 16th, Gong Yu finally spoke: paid member 5 million 17 thousand, an increase of 765%. This is indeed a surprising figure, in the previous forum, a number of industry chiefs of this data is up to 2 million.

in order to obtain the best content, various video sites not in terms of copyright investment. According to the first quarter of fiscal year 2015 earnings for the excellent soil, the content of the expenditure was 669 million yuan ($107 million 900 thousand), accounting for 59% of net income, while the same period of fiscal year 2014 was 46%, the reason is to support new business development and expansion of the video content library.

with copyright prices soared, although buy video content for the video site has brought a large number of users, but also seriously delayed earnings expectations, obviously if the percentage of paying customers if we can significantly enhance, for the current poor video sites, will be the most important source of income beyond advertising. It is understood that Gong Yu has made Iqiyi internal advertising and paying users as the core of walking on two legs of KPI this year, and Gong Yu himself in several internal talk, AD + paid membership model more in line with the actual situation of the Chinese market, for he is not optimistic about the Netflix into china.

payment service must be the future of video. As Gong Yu said, there are several factors that drive the payment