Empire site management system 6 6 beta open source release more features

webmaster network news: in March 8th, the well-known provider of content management solutions provider Web software company’s core product Empire website management system 6.6 version of the official release. Empire CMS 6 version of the development of a super capacity load system architecture, the version of the 6.5 is to improve the function of large data, while the makes the system more perfect in all aspects, adding more practical features, more detailed optimization. Heritage Classic, to create a more perfect product.

Empire site management system 6.6 beta added several features. The new label automatic generation function, support all built-in tags automatically, effectively prevent error and improve the write tag parameters as template and efficiency, is convenient and efficient; the new template automatic backup function, can restore the backup, modify the template to worry, more humane; new custom extension variable function, the user can customize the program to the public use the variable expansion convenience system for the user to add custom field attributes; column function, make flexible system more flexible; the new attribute custom field function, can increase the corresponding properties in all kinds of special topics, let more flexible outstanding topics. At the same time in the background login interface, the management of the page and other details of the modification.

new version screenshot

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The release of

Beta version of the imperial CMS 6.6 official version of the prior version, we hope that we can actively feedback relevant opinions and suggestions to us, all of your feedback will support us to develop a more perfect product.

Empire website management system 6.6 beta download

download address: http://s.bbs.phome.net/DownEcms/

upgrade function

upgrade function list: http://s.bbs.phome.net/showthread-42-178152-0.html

other description

test version provides only the simplified version of GBK, UTF-8 and other traditional BIG5 provide simplified, traditional UTF-8 will be released on the official version; 6.5 to 6.6 upgrade program will also be available on the official release; the official release time will provide a test version of the official version of the upgrade program.