Guy building waste recycling site to be the most cattle king of Kunming


Tang Shikui love see some successful people get rich legalist biographical books

      impression, waste collection, mostly in rags, cultural level is not high, and the network is not to raise a. Yesterday (August 12th) reporter interviewed the waste collection of small, can be regarded as Kunming’s "most cattle polanwang", he did not receive waste into the streets, but the Internet posting "call" to do business, two months ago, he also set up Kunming recycling network, to expand the influence.


3 months to learn to use a computer

first rag Tang Shikui, dressed in a white shirt, black trousers, wearing a pair of shiny black shoes. Not self introduction, you can hardly imagine that this is the 29 year old king of the most cattle".

Tang Shikui, after graduating from junior high school in his hometown of Zhaotong in Yanjin for two years doing farm work, in 2001 to work in Kunming, started a clothing factory in strict home to work, then apply to the WAL-MART store in China World Trade Center for temporary workers.

worked in the supermarket, Tang Shikui know what the computer is. "On the Internet, you can learn a lot of new things." In 2003, Tang Shikui, who was curious about the Internet, spent 3 months learning to surf the web. One day, when he was surfing the Internet, he accidentally saw the slogan of Taobao: "spend 1 hours a day, you can be your own boss." Such a word, deeply touched with a dream out of the mountains of Tang Shikui.

after a charge, Tang Shikui intends to open a shop on the internet.


self recycling network

In addition to the computer, Tang Shikui likes to read

. To work in Kunming for 5 years, Tang Shikui rented a lot of books in the room. From the supermarket in 2005 after the resignation of Tang Shikui put these old books with a tricycle to land and to sell the best business one day to sell more than and 40 dollars. Last October, Tang Shikui again set up a stall, selling socks, gloves, books etc.. It is like a profit, let Tang Shikui initiation of the idea of recycling. However, he did not want to waste collection Street yelling, they have a network.

in June this year, Tang Shikui’s waste recycling network finally done. Open the recycling network, the first thing is the acquisition of the project rolling on a computer screen at the top of the waste, including waste paper, scrap the acquisition of books, metal, household appliances and other 14, covering all aspects of waste recycling, next to the sidebar on the left Tang Shikui’s telephone, QQ contact. Below is the "something in your mouth, all my errands," the slogan of service. And said: this site is committed to build Kunming and even the most complete, the largest and most professional waste recycling site for the major units and individuals to provide waste materials – telephone booking >