Hackers attacked the Guangzhou Price Bureau website was sentenced two times

      browse the official website of the Guangzhou Municipal Price Bureau, and even see pornographic web pages! What’s going on here?

      early May this year, the Guangzhou Municipal Price Bureau official website was hacked, a website visitor will automatically pop-up pornographic website links, the official website was closed for six or seven hours. Recently, the rampant hackers are brought to justice. Yuexiu District court to destroy the computer information system, the first instance of the trial of a hacker in one year and three months.

      network pornography illegally information network was forced to temporarily shut

      May 8, 2006, Internet users to browse the Guangzhou Municipal Price Bureau official website "Guangzhou price information network", to find the hidden yellow pages — just started when the type of link to login after everything is normal, not long after they found out two pages, one of which was called "passion Decoding" porn sites.

      City Price Bureau staff was informed of the matter, immediately launched an investigation, after investigation, found that the original home code was tampered with. The original source code has been added a small piece of instruction, it is the small instructions to achieve a yellow page pop-up. Sure enough, no technical staff speculated that the site was hacked! Understand the situation, the city price network to take emergency measures, the site was closed more than 6 hours.

      two times by the temptation of money hackers intrusion

      in May 15th of the same year, while the "hacker" section was arrested police, public security organs from the residence and seized the tools of crime — no brand assembled desktop computer 2.

      the case was tried in the Yuexiu District court. It was found that: from March 2006 to May, a section of his residence in the online chat through a network known as the silver ice wolf lawless elements. According to the instructions of the silver ice wolf, a section of the site to attack others, and promised to pay a certain amount of payment to paragraph.

      in May 8th and 9, the same period, a section of the computer network through the invasion of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of the official website of the two, tampering with the home page code. The web page in the visitors log in, and pop-up indecent picture links site (the site by a registered), the normal operation of serious damage to the reputation of its website of the Bureau, the administrative organ’s official website was forced to close 6 to 7 hours, not released relevant information and publicity the relevant policy documents.

      recently, the Yuexiu District court made a verdict on the case