CCTV Google Chinese exposure false medical advertising fake

in a lot of search engine site, in addition to the left side of the natural search, search the right side of the site through the payment of the advertising content, usually marked on the " sponsor link ". In accordance with the regulations, all sponsors must have to undergo a rigorous review of the link, the reporter recently found that many search engines linked to the sponsor’s website has a lot of problems.

open the world’s largest search engine Google website reporter saw, all marked signs of sponsored links in page top right and the apparent position. Reporters in the input "diabetes" and "paralysis", "stroke" and other words, some claim to Difficult miscellaneous diseases have very good "cure rate" and "efficiency" of the content in the website sponsored links. Reporters feel free to open a website called "Diabetes Research Center" China Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, the website claimed that they there is a so-called "special medicine into" Zhongnanhai national cadres center can cure diabetes, efficiency of 100%.

drug related sales person: we can completely cure this drug diabetes, accuracy rate of 98%.

reporter: do you have a large research center.

drug related sales person: very large, if you are diagnosed, directly to buy medicine, do not have to see a doctor.

phone relevant responsible person said, this large diabetes research center is located in Beijing, Changping District, according to the reporter left the address on the site, to investigate the local. And when reporters rushed to the site marked the address found that there is no such a so-called diabetes research institutions.

: No, I’ve never heard of this place.

so the reporter once again call the research center phone.

reporter: I went to the place you said, how can we not have this research institute.

drug related sales person: Yes, you look everywhere.

reporter: I have been looking for, you do not have this institution.

in accordance with the provisions of the State Food and drug administration, there are only 10 sites in the country to allow the sale of non prescription drugs, in addition to these sites are all illegal acts of Internet sales of drugs. And for those who appear in the sponsor links in the site, the relevant person in charge of the advertising agency authorized Google said, all sponsors have passed a rigorous review.

public goods Interactive Advertising Co. Ltd. Marketing Manager: our customer service will give you submit the background, and then Google will automatically give you a review, a review of the machine, then the expert review, after review if there is no problem, you can on the line.

reporter: can you say so, all on the right side of the (sponsor), are through your strict review before passing.

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