Talk about the promotion and operation of personal website

people say that twenty-first Century is the age of the internet. Nowadays people’s life is more and more inseparable from the network. From the most common to the personal store qq. It can be said that the network has covered our basic necessities of life to play, whether you want to find someone to chat; or to view the latest news; or want to buy nice clothes. These can be easily implemented on the network.

now around the local web site also slowly developed. Big to each province, small to each county, have their own website. Coupled with the popularity of the various inspection station system, a point will be based on the knowledge of people, in a few days you can build a full-featured website. When all kinds of sites have been established, many webmasters do not know how to publicize and operate their own website.

below I do stand in a few years of accumulation, take out to everyone to learn together. If there are any deficiencies in the future to discuss with you.

first of all, the development of the site is divided into   planning period to the initial stage of the construction period, the publicity period, the growth period and the growth period

, planning period

1, on the site before the first site because of the plan, do not blindly do. Before I was to eat such a loss, most of the time to do, just get on the basis of fun, see what you want to do. Today, the feeling of the forum fun, first get a forum, tomorrow feel better site, but also to do a web site, the blog has been slowly rise, so in a very short period of time to build a multi-user blog. At that time also applied for Pan domain name, I feel it is quite good. But in the end, it’s hard for a person to maintain. The more important mistake is to encounter an unstable space quotient, and finally all the data out… The main content of the site is that? Entertainment or technology based? What kind of crowd? An adult or a student? These are due to do a comprehensive planning.

2, there is another important thing is to learn to observe, in front of the station, be sure to look at. Take a look at what other people can use their own. Where others don’t, you can do it. What characteristics do you have that others don’t have, etc.. This thing is summed up what you want to find the core of their web site is what. When these are clear, it will be very easy to do.

3, and then you have to do is to give their website or forum to choose a good, easy to remember the name and a good domain name. Although a domain name can not play a decisive role in the success of the site, however, a good domain name will make your site easier to retain visitors. Planning your site’s main tone, choose what kind of site system. The creation and establishment of all web pages.

4, when more than a few are ready to choose the space business. A good and stable space for your website or community forum