Daily topic how to solve the problem of the integration of Tencent Jingdong electricity supplier

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) March 31st news, last weekend, a fast and easy employees dissatisfied with the compensation program and strike, the news once again focused on the integration of easy fast and Jingdong.

March 10th, Tencent and Jingdong reached electricity supplier business strategic cooperation. In this cooperation, in addition to 100% Tencent B2C platform QQ online shopping and C2C platform pat Network, but also some of the shares of easy fast. Under the terms of the agreement, Tencent shares of approximately 15% stake in Jingdong, and in the latter listing additional subscription of a stake of 5%, which became an important shareholder and strategic partner of Jingdong. Tencent QQ electricity supplier’s online shopping and pat kind electric business sector and distribution team will be integrated into the Jingdong; Yi Xun will continue to operate, and to explore the depth of cooperation with the Jingdong after the implementation of. Jingdong will invest fast and easy to become a minority shareholder, and the right to subscribe for the remaining shares.

26 this month, Jingdong and Tencent electricity supplier officially announced some details of the future organization and employees of the integration program. Yi Xun network will operate as an independent brand, and to some of the staff of the Jingdong for easy fast, in addition to N+1 layoff compensation, you can also enjoy the equivalent of 5 times the salary of the retention incentive.

said, easy fast network will operate as an independent brand, will combine the advantage of Jingdong in the field of logistics and supply chain, continue to enhance the user experience, to explore the operation mode of the platform; pat Network will continue to focus on C2C business, the Jingdong will invest resources in the development of key layout; POP open platform QQ online shopping will be incorporated into the Jingdong; set up R & D centers and mobile wireless business unit in Shanghai and Shenzhen, with the Tencent WeChat and other advantages of the mobile phone QQ client, force the mobile electronic commerce.

Jingdong and similar, fast delivery has been the core competitiveness of easy fast, easy fast especially last year, a massive attack on the Beijing market, the main two hours speed distribution, attracted many of the requirements of the user distribution limitation. But in fact, for ordinary users, two hours served and the previous day to send the three, or even a day to send no essential difference between two. Especially in the Jingdong firmly in the control of the northern region, regardless of the speed of delivery or category of competition, fast and easy short term is difficult to capture both, on the contrary, in the hinterland of Shanghai Yi Xun, is filled with Jingdong’s advertising.

announced at the beginning of the integration of the two, some analysts believe that, due to the Tencent electricity supplier and Jingdong’s business type is very similar, there are many difficulties in the integration of the two. Jingdong has a very sound organizational structure, the number of employees Tencent electricity supplier is also very large, it is difficult to achieve lossless integration, can only minimize the occurrence of the problem." Tencent business insiders believe that labor intensive logistics, Jingdong C2C no other business lines, more easily in the fusion, but fusion category operation, each department the middle process is rather awkward. Fortunately, however, the two is still generous in the compensation program, and Tencent and Jingdong are also exploring the possibility of providing employment opportunities outside the Jingdong."