Students to interview experience

ADMIN5 every day in the stroll, today to write something interesting.

there are a lot of friends like me, the students can not earn money or earn a little money. I went to the interview a few days ago and found a lot of problems.

A lot of

personal webmaster to grasp: website theme, web applications, web design, website promotion, website operation and so on, but have no common money webmaster problem is understand all aspects of all aspects are not fine.

interview process (1 interviewer 2 myself)

1: Hello, are you the delivery company’s resume, right?

2: grace. Yes.

1: what is the position you are applying for,


2: the site will do.

1: do you have any personal or work experience?

2: personal works have done to the customer site. Work experience is to do personal website.

1: so what exactly are you looking for? We are now looking for programmers, artists, and sales.

2: (think for a while, programmers can not develop their own procedures, art can not do without art foundation PS general) sales.

1: so, what do you think is your advantage over others in selling


2: no advantage

1: what do you do with your site?

2: are open source CMS, their own independent development program

1: what language can be


2: (easy, KingCMS is asp.dede, Empire, SS is PHP) have used it

1: can you develop programs independently?

2: can not develop

1: Art? How about art? FLASH what about


2: usually use PS but the level of general FLASH as

1: you always have a strong, otherwise I also hard to determine your direction, you do what I cannot locate in the company, but it is fit for the project manager, but you have no experience, I also can not tell you now what is


2: Yes

1: so, you go back and wait for my call. I’ll call you if I get a job in 2 days. All right,

2: grace. Shake hands and turn away. Blush)

ha ha ~ very embarrassing ah……

I thought a lot about the car back to school