China classified information website hovering waiting for Godot

with China YAHOO officially launched the new platform YAHOO reputation service life, 58 city and the first Chinese travel search engine "where to go" officially reached a strategic cooperation, "eBay" officially renamed the "net", China classified information industry after several years of silence after the development of the industry seems to usher in the outbreak period. The real faces also began to appear.

Classification information website

is still alive now there are two kinds of fate, one is while alive, but from the signs of life, just struggling; another with the support of capital, is still alive and kicking. But has been plagued by the problem of classification information website profit model, who are not completely resolved. China classified information industry is still in its initial stage, classified information website to be innovative, the development of the industry is a protracted war, should be as a lifelong career to operate.

4 million 300 thousand, 4 million 500 thousand, 5 million……

hot summer, sitting in the office of the five layer Changxin building in the number of Yao Jinbo Daily website registered users say it again.

3 years ago, when he found the simple corporate website service can not fully meet the demand of personal information interaction, he decided to leave the network into the classified information industry on their own. As with many emerging Internet formats, and the other group of people, they bring a better vision of the entire industry, some money, some anchored in a well-known group name, with some number of venture capital, one after another.

3 years later, some of them still penniless, some people just leave a still unknown domain — but each one of them is a pioneer, at least in Chinese, as has been recorded in the history of the development of the industry in their.

Yao Jinbo is lucky, in the third year of its 58 city network, he got second money from Saif, and then put forward before the end of 10 million the size of the user, Chinese website next year to enter the top 20. In fact, this is only the level of Craigslist in the United States a few years ago.

"Chris" dream

almost every category of information industry practitioners have Craigslist as their pursuit of the goal, which naturally includes Yao Jinbo.

In 2005

, a Craigslist Chinese myth began to enter the Internet to view: extending from San Francisco to the world’s more than and 300 city, attracting about 15000000 visitors per month, and can generate more than 5 billion page views, user contributed hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions between.

is more important, it has the most admired model of domestic Internet users: very low technology content, a high valuation of the site. The former, give people the courage to start, that everyone can do classification; the latter, give people the space to imagine, to become China’s Craigs>